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ERP for Small Companies is big business

It’s the market everybody is speaking of and the best thing to happen to small business in a long time. ERP for small companies is a booming market with small businesses entering every day.
To get off the ground with quick Web-based software as a service system, small outfits should concentrate on the most important functions or “must have” applications essential to the company’s success. The application modules should be selected based on your operational activity and the type of business you are in. Some of the core applications modules include accounting, sales, marketing, supply chain management, manufacturing, human resources, customer relationship management and connections to partners and suppliers.

Many of the small businesses that have migrated to Web-based ERP have found that is a different way of working than they are used to. They are accustomed to various and diverse software programs, which do not communicate. They are used to switching back and forth between software applications. Enterprise software, on the other hand, integrates everything
onto one platform, which is distributed throughout. You have a software module for whatever business task you need to process. The software is also automated, so that all tasks are administered quickly.

Furthermore, you can also track workflow with this software and get business analytics along with reporting capabilities and business intelligence. Everything is consolidated for quick and easy access. Accounting is tuned in to sales and marketing, which is connected to inventory and distribution; everyone has an eye into customer relationship management. This software system will surprise those who are not used to using it. It’s a big difference to the way your staff has been working in the past and will have them thinking differently about processing business tasks.
ERP for small companies will be like a breath of fresh air for many of them.

Small businesses transitioning to the Web say that they want to increase profits, while at the same time reduce costs. They also wish to add more value to customer relations and reduce customer response times. Another major consideration for choosing the online option, is to address interoperability issues across multiple working locations.

One of the most interesting concerns of small businesses in relation to moving to Web-based enterprise software is the problem of using multiple disparate applications. They are relieved to find that this software system is consolidated, with every application needed, right at hand and connected to others on the platform. It’s no wonder that ERP for small companies is big business.


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