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Process Manufacturing ERP Software


Process Manufacturing ERP Software is intended for use by the part of the manufacturing industry that mingles and blends formulas in order to produce their product –which is usually in batches. The goal of Process Manufacturing ERP Software is to manage the information that makes up the formulas so that batches of the product can stream from through the factory without interruptions; all while maintaining consistency in their products.

A few of the industries that need process manufacturing software are the food, drug, and paint industries. The cosmetic industry is another example of a company that needs the formulas or recipes used in production to be just the same as the ones created by the research and design teams. These manufacturers need to manage the product development process from sample requests, to material property-based formulation, to version control right, straight through to production management. In addition, this industry, like other process manufacturing industries, needs to be prepared for recalls. It is not unusual for government recalls to require a complete lot recall in less than one day. This is almost impossible if the data is dispersed between computerized sales order processing, purchasing, word documents, and spreadsheets. The correct Process Manufacturing ERP Software, on the other hand, can have the necessary information about the locations of that one lot compiled and ready in minutes.

Another important functionality provided by this type of software is the ability to reduce inventory. To calculate this task against customer service levels is critical for companies that deal with chemicals.  And, the benefit of process manufacturing software is that it can lower a business’ inventory by accurately depicting real-time inventory allowing for adjustments and restocking points to ensure adequate supplies.

Yet a third benefit is the software’s ability to help a company comply with all quality and safety measures. With the right ERP package for process manufacturing, all standard processes are documented. All production operations and results are then tracked to support comprehensive reporting compliance. Functions like traceability, lot requirements, production statistics reporting, specification management, and change management offer control. This allows for a consistent production of top quality products.

Additionally, this type of ERP software will make a business’ ability to plan much better. Not only will the problem of over-runs and under-runs be reduced, but this tight control will help to to take expiration dates into consideration during both production and distribution cycles.


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