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eThority- Business Intelligence Analytics

eThority has a 16-year history in software development, support services and data reporting. The company developed its new BI platform to allow customers to synergize their existing investments in information that remains idle in their legacy information systems. eThority’s solutions are in use around the globe at major research universities and leading corporations. To develop robust business intelligence solutions with an elegant, user-obvious interface that eliminates the need for training, thereby opening the doors to data access and integration - in a secure and compliant manner. eThority is a revolutionary new tool designed to put the power of data analysis back into the hands of management. Through the use of new and progressive user interface paradigms, eThority enables first time users to engage in productive analysis and information mining. By delivering this power back into the hands of analysts, wait times for reports are eliminated or significantly reduced and resource burden on central IT is substantially lowered. eThority allows users to quickly and easily manipulate their core data sets into meaningful structures for reporting, graphing and distribution. eThority’s LiveDataTM reporting model provides a key element in eThority’s productivity measure. By providing end users with immediate feedback on how their manipulations will affect the final data set, eThority demonstrates real-time results. eThority was designed from the ground up to deliver value immediately upon implementation. Taking advantage of the latest ergonomic research initiatives, eThority stands as a benchmark for ease of use and power in enterprise reporting needs. eThority can provide immediate value to anyone with data analysis and reporting needs. Whether your data set is comprised of financials from multiple disparate financial systems, student enrollment information, or manufacturing productivity measures from a data warehouse, eThority allows more of your organization to add value by making your data accessible now! eThority’s progressive disclosure model means it can quickly be adapted by a new or occasional user, but expand to meet the needs of the more experienced power user. eThority was designed to reveal features as they are needed by the user. This important fact allows the application to maintain a clean interface, critical to first time utilization, but expand as increased functionality is called upon. Scalability from small departmental use up to enterprise-wide consolidation and analysis are possible through the use of eThority’s OrgStamp security and data organization model. And, maintenance of account profiles are made simple through security inheritance and overview. top of page eThority separates itself from the crowd in numerous ways, however, three of the most important ways are: 1. User Devotion – The effective meaning of ‘user-friendly’ has been destroyed by overuse and misapplication in the past fifteen years. Creating an application that our users claim is the easiest they’ve ever used is our constant focus. Making user-friendly software requires complete focus and multi-disciplinary cooperation. Software engineers must collaborate with visual design specialists and ergonomics experts to forge user interfaces that lead users to naturally select the right tool for the job at hand. Our research and development team lives around the continual cycle of interface refinement to hone a system into the best possible resource for users. 2. Accessibility – The data is almost always ‘there’ in every organization, but it seems that those who need to be in the ‘know’ can’t be because they can’t get to the data. eThority opens the doors to the systems of record and the data warehouses by structuring the stores of data into useable repositories. By bridging these critical gaps, users of all levels in the organization can begin contributing to operational efficiencies by accessing their data, the way they need it. Another part of accessibility is effective data consolidation. With eThority’s eTelligent adapters, eThority has the ability to link an unlimited number of separate information systems allowing users to see the ‘big picture’. End painful consolidations by letting eThority handle the grunt work. 3. Scalability – A truly scalable solution should consider both scalability of transaction volume and scalability of user skill. eThority excels at both. By engaging a sophisticated transaction brokerage engine, eThority can handle the largest volumes of data with grace and aplomb. In addition, eThority scales with its tools to meet needs within all department levels, regardless of skill or requirement level. top of page Because eThority has an extremely small IT footprint, a quick and scalable implementation allows eThority to begin working for you almost immediately. The open architecture of eThority means it will interface seamlessly with almost any data store you currently have available. And because eThority can interface via XML and XBRL, emerging systems will dovetail effectively into your existing infrastructure. eThority’s Web distribution means desktop management requirements are almost eliminated. Furthermore, all updates can be managed centrally and client processor requirements are minimized. As stated previously, eThority’s scalable nature allows the tool to be introduced within one part of an organization and propagated as the effectiveness of eThority reveals itself from within. top of page Contact our sales team at 800-846-9200 and ask for a demo today. Our experienced team can demonstrate how eThority is best shaped to meet your particular needs. eThority’s flexible licensing model makes it a cost-effective tool for the smallest departments and the largest enterprises. Take a moment to experience the next generation of productivity – eThority! * No training required. Our fully self-evident tool eliminates this frustrating, expensive and ongoing cost for end users. * Integrates easily. Created to enhance your existing reporting and warehouse solutions, not replace them, eThority leverages your existing investments by drastically expanding their availability. * Flexible. eThority Adaptaview™ allows different users of different levels to utilize the interface that best suits them (e.g. casual users, etc.) Multi-lingual and multi-currency support mean your global operations can leverage all eThority has to offer. * Secure. You control who sees what and when. In addition, eThority supports your compliance with all Sarbanes Oxley, PCI, HIPAA, FERPA, GLBA requirements.

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