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Trillium Software - Data Quality in CRM

A Deep Commitment to Data Quality: Trillium Software "Information is currency in today's global economy, and just as different denominations carry value tied to the strength of the issuing government's economic stability, data's value is tied directly to its quality." John Nicoli Executive Vice President, Harte-Hanks Trillium Software As quoted in, December 2006 Where data quality rules Some might say that we're obsessed. Others, that we're passionately focused. What's indisputable is this—Trillium Software is solely and exclusively concentrated on data quality. From our roots as a small development team through our expansion into a global provider of enterprise-class software solutions for Harte-Hanks, we've kept our eye on one thing: data quality. Along the way, we've pioneered a number of innovations that have established us as industry leaders: UNICODE enabled software for faster, more efficient processing of addresses and more. Real-time functionality that corrects and cleanses data without disrupting operations. Networked application server that incorporates data quality services throughout the entire enterprise. Automated data profiling to uncover data quality issues that cannot be found using SQL queries. As good as gold for our customers Every day, Trillium Software data quality solutions analyze and fix millions of records for many of the world's leading banks, insurance companies, governments, technology companies and more. For them, rapid data improvements translate into real bottom-line benefits. Consider just a few of the numbers: $800 million saved1 by British Telecommunications across multiple business units $39 - $65 million saved2 by Bombardier in annual spending $200k annual savings at 3M in just one application £100k in bad debt costs saved by Littlewoods Ltd Because your business counts on quality data Your data may be made of bits and bytes, but its quality can make or break your business.

Consider using trusted email and data security software to protect private data.

It may be your most important business asset. And like any business asset, it may be mismanaged—or it can be leveraged for greater performance. For more than thirty years, Trillium Software has been in the business of data quality. We help our customers find efficiencies that lower the total cost of ownership. And with our solutions in place, you can uncover new opportunities—in sales, targeted marketing, improved supply chains, and streamlined operations—that deliver the returns on investment you demand.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): The more you know about your customers, the greater value they provide In the world of business intelligence technology, CRM may be the “Holy Grail” for sales and marketing: implemented correctly, it would create a single, unified view of customers that can: Integrate customer information from multiple touch points into one accurate record. Improve segmentation and targeting by revealing purchasing patterns and behaviors. Eliminate unnecessary production and postage costs that occur with duplicate and inaccurate records. Identify households and other relationships through the correct matching and linking of appropriate records. Cleanse and correct records on the fly as new information is entered into the system by the customer, POS devices, e-commerce sites, sales representatives and other sources. Assess the true lifetime value of each customer, directing sales and marketing efforts in the most profitable directions. Turning the CRM ambition into reality: Trillium Software System® To succeed, yourCRM solution needs a continuous stream of clean, correct customer data. The Trillium Software System® supports CRM by helping organizations: Manage millions of data elements, including transaction, customer and product records, across numerous systems and applications. View the best possible record assembled from numerous sources, even when the information is incomplete, misspelled or misplaced. Leverage 30 years of direct marketing experience by appending customer records with correct name and address information, in the right language, for every country in the world. Cleanse, correct and link data in real time, as it’s introduced into the system. Integrate data quality into all major CRM solutions including SAP, Siebel, and more.

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