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Vanillasoft - CRM- Telemarketing

Welcome to VanillaSoft, the emerging leader in lead management solutions for outbound telephone sales. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, your inside sales group is an integral part of your revenue stream. If you are a call center, then productivity and quality are essential features of success. VanillaSoft's hosted, Web-based applications offer an affordable and easy-to-use solution for making the most of your outbound calling campaigns. VanillaSoft is the first lead management solution provider to bring the power of simplicity to lead management applications. Our hosted solutions offer all of the features your inside sales representatives or telephone agents need to be productive and successful - such as next best call routing, logical branch scripting, auto-dialling and intuitive contact management - without all of the "bells and whistles" that typically drive up the price of SFA solutions and distract your agents. With VanillaSoft, your people are focused and effective - this means more quality calls driving more sales to your bottom line. Increase Call Volume 30 to 50% Our customers tell us that their outbound dials increase anywhere from 50 to 70% and some have even seen their stats double. VanillaSoft’s Next Best Call Routing combined with Auto Dialing is just what the doctor ordered for a struggling sales effort. Our solution drives the agent to not only make a better call but also more calls which results in better overall campaign performance. Ask yourself; if your agents made 50% more calls what would it do for your results? No More Desk Top Distractions Desk Top Distractions often serve as the next reason not to make the next call. At VanillaSoft, we understand the nature of agents and we have eliminated those pesky distractions that come with other solutions. Our sleek agent desktop keep the agent’s attention placed on the task at hand, making the next call. Gone are all of the places to click, search, hunt and peck. Our customers have shared with us that the “Vanilla-ness” of our agent screen makes their representatives more productive and keeps them focused on the call. Our agent screen is so simple and intuitive that training takes 30 minutes or less. With VanillaSoft your agents can do two things, make a very smart call and then make the next call. It really is that simple. VanillaSoft Real-Time Management Dashboard VanillaSoft’s commitment to anywhere, anytime and anyplace is evident in our on demand dashboard. Using a web browser and the Internet, management can see that agents are logged in and productive. Calling and campaign statistics are displayed in real time and can be drilled down on for agent detail and summary. VanillaSoft’s Dashboard combined with robust Web reporting provides management multiple layers of campaign management insight. Lead Management, Status and Visibility Data is the life blood of your organization. VanillaSoft will track your leads from cradle to grave. From the moment a lead is imported until it reaches its final destination, VanillaSoft will track and report on the status of the lead. Each and every time a lead is accessed and dispositioned, VanillaSoft will record who accessed it, the results and the time the lead was on the agent’s desktop. With dynamic web reporting, all leads can be grouped and reported on by source, date, agents or other criteria. There has never been an easier system that is so complete. DNC and Legal Compliance Does staying in compliance with all of the federal, state and calling regulations make it a challenge to effectively manage your calling campaigns? At VanillaSoft, we deliver a solution that not only improves your agent’s performance but also helps your organization stay in compliance. VanillaSoft has partnered with Call Compliance Inc. and delivers Teleblock’s DNC scrubbing service on-demand. Each call, prior to being routed to an agent is checked against federal and state DNC lists. If the name appears on the list, the call will be blocked from the agents ensuring that you remain in compliance. VanillaSoft also delivers “time zone specific” calling periods to ensure that your organization is calling within the appropriate time frame in each state. DNC and time zone management, just two more ways that VanillaSoft allows you to better manage your outbound campaigns.

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