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Adjutant Software - CRM

Adjutant Software - CRM CRM Why is CRM Important? "Every one of our sales people has increased their sales, which increases their commission, and they absolutely love it. They feel more professional, they have all their data in place. It's proven to be extremely effective." — Peter Polus, CEO, Fiberdyne Labs The benefits of CRM are clear: by streamlining processes and providing sales, marketing, and service personnel with better, more complete customer information, CRM allows organizations to build more profitable customer relationships and decrease operating costs. Sales: Automating the sales process can be as simple as implementing simple contact, account, and opportunity management to forecasting, territory management, and pipeline management. These tools allow sales organizations to shorten the sales cycle by having all relevant customer information at their fingertips—working smarter, not harder. This process automation also enables management to see how their sales teams are performing in real time. By providing a common frame of reference for every opportunity at each stage in the sales cycle, management can see what—and who—is working and not working in their sales process. Armed with this information, management can easily alter the flow of their sales processes in the system to eliminate bottlenecks, resulting in more accurate revenue forecasts and predictable sales cycles. CRM innovative capabilities enable sales teams to easily and dependently follow the organization's proven selling practices to close more deals and more revenue per deal. Marketing: By automating marketing functions such as campaign design and management, email marketing, and lead assignment and management, organizations can increase the efficiency of their marketing organization and target their resources to the most effective marketing programs. Marketing automation captures important customer, lead source, and demographic information that carry forward throughout the sales cycle. Management can understand what programs created the leads that closed the most revenue. With this insight, organizations can understand which marketing programs are most effective and continually improve the successful targeting of their marketing investment. - Identify new markets and opportunities - Simplify marketing processes - Quantify ROI on marketing spend - Improve marketing productivity while lowering customer acquisition costs Customer Service: Customer service and call center operations can use CRM to provide agents with the most up-to-date information on all customer service transactions. By automating service request management, knowledge bases, and call routing, agents become more productive by ensuring service requests do not fall through the cracks and solving customer issues faster. And because agents have immediate access to complete customer records, they can quickly identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities as possible solutions to service issues. For customers, they in turn receive superior customer service-resulting in higher customer retention and loyalty rates. Now that's good business, because it's much more cost-effective to retain existing customers than to acquire new ones. - Enable higher cross-sell and up-sell rates - Increase customer retention - Reduce response times and request-resolution times - Increase call center efficiency and lower costs -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Modules: System Manager Address Book Web Portal Mobile Work Force Marketing Sales Force Automation Telephony Work Flow Task Management Key Performance Indicators Connector Auto Alerts Asset Management Commission Manager Features: Track every sales lead through sales pipeline Manage your customers' accounts from anywhere on the Internet Maintain a constant contact with all your hot leads and clients Follow-up with your prospects using attractive and informative emails Easily interact with your potential customers on a regular basis Manage opportunity from lead to order Small investment, Lots of benefits and big results Direct access to all customer information from anywhere on the Web Easy to use. Just like using amazon or yahoo. No maintenance required.

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