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Visibility Software - Cyber Recruiter

Visibility Software is a leading provider of employee-based software, offering proven, cost-effective software solutions and services that address the core recruiting and training management needs of organizations in any industry. Our web based employee products allow you to not only find the best candidates quickly and efficiently but can also show you how to manage the training requirements of the employees you already have accurately. Since we know that integration is important to ensure that all of your existing HR systems communicate with each other, we have designed many simple and effective interfaces and links to eliminate that concern. We are able to help you link to almost any product you may be using with no worries about performance or interruption. Our trained and certified staff takes extreme pride in providing personal, first class customer support, training and implementation. We know that the purchase of the software goes well beyond the cost of the package. Our team is prepared to support you through every step of the process, as little or as much as you need, to ensure a complete level of comfort for you and your team. We are confident in our ability to offer and implement the best employee-focused solutions and services available anywhere to ultimately help you reach your company’s specific goals faster.

yber Recruiter helps Recruiters and Hiring Managers manage and communicate during the recruiting process to help get open positions filled faster and more efficiently. This in-house, 100% web-based tool streamlines the entire recruiting process and can be configured to meet your specific recruiting needs. With no on-going monthly costs, this highly configurable, paperless, process oriented system is the perfect recruiting solution for your company. Cyber Recruiter does it all! HR Recruiting You have worked long and hard to create a competitive well-run business, so it stands to reason that you would settle for nothing less than the best candidates for your job postings. Attracting, recruiting and retaining the right people are the cornerstone of your organization's success. Successful recruiting is easier than ever before with Cyber Recruiter. Applicant Tracking Wondering what to do with all the applicants that you have stored on your computer but that aren't being utilized? Well, you can bog-down your hiring and recruitment staff, leaving openings unmanned and productivity down or you can implement a software application that allows complete applicant tracking and automation of your company's recruitment needs. Where do you find such an ideal applicant tracking software? Look no further. Cyber Recruiter offers the most intuitive and user-friendly applicant tracking in the marketplace. eRecruiting Software In today’s thoroughly modern world, e-recruiting is the norm, and recruiting software is many and varied, but one clearly stands out from the crowd. Cyber Recruiter. In-house or hosted, 100% web-based, paperless, and easily integrating with most HR systems, Cyber Recruiter is the recruiting software that manages your recruiting process from beginning to end. f you need help maximizing the capabilities of the products you already own, the Visibility Software Professional Services team can assist you with our add-on services. We are devoted to ensuring that you are utilizing our software solutions to the best of your ability and that you are taking full advantage of your investment. Our product experts can help guide you though refresher training, product upgrades, feature enhancements, custom reporting, career site development and much more. We are the right resource to ensure you get the most out of Cyber Recruiter. Service Offered Include: Product Maximization On Demand Training – Need a refresher on the various features and functionality of Cyber Recruiter? Access a library of self-paced training webinars, designed to cover all the topics related to setting up Cyber Recruiter and using it on a daily basis. Click here for a description of each On-Demand class Careers Module – Is your careers page appealing to your target audience? Work with a consultant to review your corporate careers page and ensure you are getting the maximum result possible from this module. Advanced Parsing – Do you have a folder of electronic resumes which you have to manually search through? Convert them into Cyber Recruiter, so you can leverage your existing applicants without re-keying. License Upgrades – Are you growing? If your company is growing, so should Cyber Recruiter. Make sure your licensing level is correct for your current organizational structure. Hourly Consulting – Need some one-on-one assistance? Work one-on-one with a consultant to get new members of your staff trained, activate functionality, or set up new features. Custom Reporting – Are you maximizing the data you collect? Work with a consultant to create reports to leverage the data you already collect. Custom Programming and Technical Consulting Upgrades to Website Frames – It is important to keep your careers site matching up to your corporate site. The Visibility Software Technical Services team can assist you with modifications to your existing careers site if your existing technical resources aren’t available. Establish Additional Integration – We understand the importance of having all HR systems communicate with each other. We can assist with integrating new systems to ensure that your data easily flows from Cyber Recruiter to other systems you have in place. Upgrades to Website Platform (.net) – New web browsers (Firefox and Safari) have come into the market in recent years. Keep your careers module up to date with the latest web technology and ensure all of your applicants have the same great experience on your website. Our technical staff can assist with platform upgrades to ensure you have access to all the latest Cyber Recruiter.

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