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What’s the ERP Solution for Small Business?

That’s a legitimate question and a good one. But the answer depends on the small business and its particular needs. So, the first thing the business must do is to set goals and objectives in order to find the right solution. And keep in mind too, that it is not just the software selection, but the software vendor, as well. Setting objectives for the ERP solution for small business means bringing your entire staff on board to support the decision making process. They will be working the software and should be included in any decisions because they will be the key users.

In seeking your enterprise solution, seek demonstrations of the software and see how comfortable and user friendly it is to work with. But before you get to the demonstration stage, the software vendor will want to know (and expect) you to have a plan in place. They will want to familiarize themselves with your company and the way you operate. This will help them in tweaking the system to your unique needs. And this will help to ensure that you are pleased with the outcome, as well as the attention to detail. Also, going forward, you will want to know if the vendor can supply a scalable platform which can expand as your business does, with upgradesas they become necessary.

Your staff will be working in a way that they are unaccustomed to; they will however be trained to work in a more productive manner. After all, that’s what this software is all about; more efficiency and better productivity. That’s what the ERP solution for small business will give you. The applications platform that you will be working on is integrated, automated and streamlined for swiftly processing business tasks. You will be working with just one piece of software that is distributed form one centralized database.

The platform will provide all of the application modules you need to conduct business. You’ll have modules for accounting, human resources, manufacturing, and supply chain management, planning, scheduling, sales and marketing, customer relationship management and connections to partners and suppliers. You will also be supplied with a set of tools for diagnosing, reporting, analyzing and providing business intelligence.

Small business owners are in a position to take their business to another level. They have access to the software and to the platform. They are now in a position to experience the ERP solution for small business.


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