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Aten Mobile Solutions- Mi-Co

A Woman Owned business, Aten Inc. was formed by a group of entrepreneurs with over 30 years of combined experience in IT and Management Consulting across a variety of industries ranging from Supply Chain Management, Hospitality, Banking, Financial, Telecom as well as Shipping & Logistics Management. Information Technology plays a pivotal role in most, if not all operations, regardless of the industry. Experience has proven the high cost of obsolescence. Processes continue to be greatly enhanced by the application of information technology, transforming these processes into key strategic and competitive advantages. It is a constant challenge companies must face; the challenge of increasing efficiencies; the challenge of keeping technologically current; the challenge of maintaining strategic and competitive advantages. Aten has expertise in designing, developing and implementing wireless and mobile solutions for PDAs, Tablet PCs, and other Mobile devices in Windows, Java and Palm environments * Data Capture applications’ development & integration – Certified Partner for Mi-Co solutions. * Healthcare and Hospital Management applications. As a value added reseller & Implementation Partner for Mi-Co, we provide customized hand writing and data capture solutions through implementing and integrating Digital Writing Solutions on multiple platforms: Tablet PC, Digital Pen, Pocket PC, and Signature Capture Pads. Across multiple Industry verticals including Healthcare, Government, Military, Financial and Insurance we can provide you customized solutions for handwriting data capture which will save time, money, effort and yet increase the quality and availability of enterprise wide critical data. Industry Verticals and Applications Healthcare * Home healthcare/ Hospice * Hospitals * Clinical Research * Physician Practices Military * Field Inspection * Base Security * Personnel Training * Medical Examinations Government * Government Inspections * Public Safety * Law Enforcement * Census Across Industries * Commercial Inspections * Customer Relationship Management * Customer Registrations * Surveys Mi-Co's end-to-end enterprise Mi-Forms Software System enables flexible forms design and the capture, handwriting conversion, verification and communication of forms based data for enterprise users. Mi-Forms will convert handwriting into machine readable text as you write. Drawings, diagrams, and a number of other data sources may also be captured if needed (images, audio, barcodes, GPS, RFID, file attachments, etc). Data may be sent from the Mi-Forms Client to the centralized Mi-Forms Server and then to other existing data repositories. Recognized data, ink, and form page background data may be exported via a variety of standard formats (csv, xml, ODBC, MSJet, Outlook, variety of image formats, etc). Mi-Forms supports a wide range of platforms: Tablet PC, Digital Pen, Pocket PC & Smart Phones and Signature Capture Pad.

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