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InfoStretch Corp - Mobile Application

InfoStretch is a leader in outsourced Software Development Solutions , Mobile Application Development and Testing,Quality Assurance and Process Optimization Services and ERP Testing. As a dynamic, young, and innovative organization, we not only think outside of the box, but also go out of our way to tackle information technology challenges. InfoStretch delivers high-quality, reliable, and cost effective services to clients throughout the US and Asia. We specialize in delivering outsourced business solutions that command deep technology knowledge, process proficiency, and domain expertise within our service areas. InfoStretch is well positioned to help customers protect their brand by leveraging technology and higher quality work. With the increased complexity of software-based applications, testing has become very complex and specialized. InfoStretch provides unbiased solutions using objective quality metrics as an independent (third-party) Validation & Verification (IV&V) company, achieving unprecedented levels of quality for outsourced projects. Our integrated network of offshore facilities in India is supported by onsite and offsite capabilities in the United States. We implement aggressive SLA-based outsourcing models, compressing delivery timeframes. We help our customers succeed through innovation, technology, processes, and exceptional customer service. InfoStretch was formed by a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals known in the Software QA world.It is not surprising that the company initially got founded as a software QA services company. The team came together with the goal to leverage their international industry experience and build a global, comprehensive services organization with the highest quality of services. Today Infostretch has business relationship V2Solutions Inc. (Offshore Development Project Execution) serving customers in North America, Europe and Asia-Pac countries. Do you know if your mobile application works on the real mobile phone? Do you know if your data services are accessible from all targeted markets, at all times on the real handset device? Do you have application where you make changes on server side and worried if all the existing phones will still be able to interact without any problem? Are you tired of hiring intern testers to test the handset devices? We can help you answer these questions. Infostretch offers mobile testing services using remote testing capability on real handset devices that helps to verify the real user experience. We help content and application providers on mobile platforms to verify the content and functionality first on appropriate simulators and then on real devices on live networks from the end-users' perspective. Armed with valuable insights of mobile application market from our experiences (both as testers and developers), you can be sure that your applications and content are tested regularly using unique remote testing technology to achieve the highest quality end-user experience. Infostretch provides mobile testing services for, Mobile Handset Testing and Certification Mobile Application Infrastructure Testing Mobile Applications Development Mobile Platform Porting Client Solutions Mobile Handset Testing Mobile Application Infrastructure Testing Mobile Application Developers Testing of Application on real Handset devices Testing of back-end application in conjunction with Mobile Devices Mobile Device Manufacturers Testing of various application integration on Handsets Handset certification on various application service providers application infrastructure Value Added Service Providers Testing of various services in real life environment on mobile handsets using Remote Testing capabilities Testing of application infrastructure for service providers for functionality and interoperability with various carriers Mobile Content Providers Testing of content on real network on mobile handsets and mCommerce transactions Testing of application infrastructure for scalability and performance for on demand content and mCommerce transactions Mobile Services Carriers Testing of reliability of handsets on various mobile service carriers Testing of support and customer facing applications from Mobile Service Carriers in end to end environment

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