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By looking at what ERP (enterprise resource planning) stands for, we can determine the essence of what business ERP software is all about. “Enterprise” is your business. “Resource” is your businesses resources be it human resources, capital resources or whatever you utilize to give your customers a quality product or service. And “planning” ties it all together with how you will use your resources. Businesses strive to use their resources in the most efficient manner possible. This prevents waste while maximizing profits. Business ERP software is a powerful tool that helps organizations operate in an efficient manner and captures data that can be analyzed and used to make even greater efficiency gains in the future.

When introducing an ERP solution to an organization, there are two ways to go. You can go with a complete software suite (as they call it) that encompasses the entire business, or you can start with one piece for a certain area and build up as you need increased functionality. For both of these options, many companies also offer the ability to customize the software to your businesses specific needs. Oftentimes though, ERP software vendors have already anticipated an organizations needs and have the feature you want built into their product.

Business ERP software can be a holistic solution for a business. The software can link all areas of a business giving your people increased access to the information they need quickly. Implementing this software throughout an entire organization also provides increased visibility of the organization’s inner workings. The data captured by the system can be turned into informational reports that can highlight strengths and weaknesses in the system. Weaknesses can be improved, and strengths can be turned into best practices. The holistic solution is obviously a larger undertaking with greater costs involved and time spent planning, implementing and possibly tweaking after implementation.

Businesses that can’t commit to an ERP solution across their entire organization can still enjoy the benefits of business ERP software. Many solutions are available for different departments and pieces can often be put together at a later time. The big ERP companies offer solutions across a broad range of industries and for departments and areas such as accounting, human resources, finance, accounting, customer relationship management, inventory management and many others.

For those investigating business ERP software solutions, making the choice between a complete software suite for the entire business or just a few modules will depend on many factors. Budget constraints, time constraints and business need are just a few of these factors. Fortunately there are a wealth of resources available to help in the decision making process. Be sure to do your due diligence.


The Best Small Business ERP

Small businesses rule; especially when they have access to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and the best small business ERP software. Indeed, this is the software that is revolutionizing the enterprise market right now. Web-based, hosted solutions have become very popular and continue to fuel this market space. Many Small businesses are discovering this software for the first time and are challenged by the process of making the right selection and choosing the best online vendor. They have made the decision to forego on-site servers and storage and software that could put a big dent in their pocketbooks, if not put them out of business

The online approach has in a sense, become the equalizer. It has given small operatives the ability to remove bits and pieces of software from their servers and replace them with one piece enterprise software that is all-inclusive. It’s also more cost-effective, because it can be had for much less money and obtained on a contractual or subscription basis. With access via the Internet, these businesses can do business 24/7 from any location.

Some of the big software companies laughed a few years back when talk of software as a service first surfaced. These big shots are certainly not laughing today. Indeed, many of them have joined the move to online access to online access and some of the best small business ERP. Many small businesses are run by people who are already used to banking and shopping online. Conducting business online is just the next logical step and businesses, both large and small are taking it.

If you’re planning an online ERP implementation for your small business, take your time. There is no need to rush this undertaking, it is much too important to your success. You will have to find the right software solution for your business and the right vendor to work with, now and in the future. You will need to seriously put together a game plan that details all of your requirements, wishes, questions and answers. This will better prepare you when the time comes to make the final decision.

What is the best software for your business? That’s hard to know until you do your research and make some determinations about the software and the vendor. You will hear names like NetSuite,, Microsoft Dynamics family of ERP products, Sage, Intaact, Visual Ledger, Epicor and Open ERP. There are many others to choose from, so do your homework before selecting the best small business ERP software.



Manufacturers are always looking for every competitive advantage, cost saving measure and efficiency increaser. With the multitude of global pressures facing manufacturers, accounting manufacturing software is a tool that can help organizations streamline certain processes and allow management increased visibility into their how their processes work, how the processes are going, and where there is room to increase efficiency. Whether a company is large or small, getting to know the capabilities and benefits of this software is a great place to start.

Most accounting manufacturing software can handle a broad range of tasks. Some of the usual accounting features include the capability to print checks, track expenses, pay bills, create orders and invoices, manage payroll, make budgets, and produce financial reports. Some of the manufacturing features include the ability to do material requirements planning, purchasing, inventory control, manage bill of materials, production scheduling, quality control, scrap and defect tracking and working in progress tracking. These are really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to manufacturing features. There is a broad range of customization that can be done by the companies producing this software. Be sure to know your needs when shopping for a software solution.

You can’t control things that you can’t measure. But in order to measure anything, you must be able to see it. Accounting manufacturing software gives managers this ability. Personnel on the manufacturing floor and in the office can get better visibility on key performance indicators. This information can be shared throughout the organization helping to breakdown the silos often created between departments and bring in a variety of insight into how processes can be improved.

Accounting manufacturing software can help streamline your ordering process. From receiving orders to fulfillment, having one system taking care of it all leaves less room for error and cuts down on the time it takes to deal with multiple systems. Believe it not though many companies are still using multiple systems in processing their orders. Many of these systems cannot communicate with each other, require separate update and maintenance schedules and increase an employee’s learning curve.

The use of an appropriate accounting manufacturing software solution is a vital part of staying competitive in today’s dynamic manufacturing environment. Using this software provides an approach to data management that leads to the refinement of processes and practices across a business. This leads to increased profitability by bringing down costs and lead times. Organizations are also able to use technology to get their products to the market faster and deal with other issues such as returns, repairs and warranties. If you want to want to increase profits, and we all do, then accounting manufacturing software has the capability to provide this benefit.



Process Manufacturing ERP Software


Process Manufacturing ERP Software is intended for use by the part of the manufacturing industry that mingles and blends formulas in order to produce their product –which is usually in batches. The goal of Process Manufacturing ERP Software is to manage the information that makes up the formulas so that batches of the product can stream from through the factory without interruptions; all while maintaining consistency in their products.

A few of the industries that need process manufacturing software are the food, drug, and paint industries. The cosmetic industry is another example of a company that needs the formulas or recipes used in production to be just the same as the ones created by the research and design teams. These manufacturers need to manage the product development process from sample requests, to material property-based formulation, to version control right, straight through to production management. In addition, this industry, like other process manufacturing industries, needs to be prepared for recalls. It is not unusual for government recalls to require a complete lot recall in less than one day. This is almost impossible if the data is dispersed between computerized sales order processing, purchasing, word documents, and spreadsheets. The correct Process Manufacturing ERP Software, on the other hand, can have the necessary information about the locations of that one lot compiled and ready in minutes.

Another important functionality provided by this type of software is the ability to reduce inventory. To calculate this task against customer service levels is critical for companies that deal with chemicals.  And, the benefit of process manufacturing software is that it can lower a business’ inventory by accurately depicting real-time inventory allowing for adjustments and restocking points to ensure adequate supplies.

Yet a third benefit is the software’s ability to help a company comply with all quality and safety measures. With the right ERP package for process manufacturing, all standard processes are documented. All production operations and results are then tracked to support comprehensive reporting compliance. Functions like traceability, lot requirements, production statistics reporting, specification management, and change management offer control. This allows for a consistent production of top quality products.

Additionally, this type of ERP software will make a business’ ability to plan much better. Not only will the problem of over-runs and under-runs be reduced, but this tight control will help to to take expiration dates into consideration during both production and distribution cycles.


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