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MRP ERP Revisited

Material Resource Planning (MRP) is akin to Enterprise resource Planning (ERP). But it deals more with supporting the needs of manufacturing. It’s about the manufacturing supply chain and materials requirements. This involves such things as labor loads, shop floor planning and machine scheduling. With proper materials resource planning, all tasks are better coordinated and cost calculations for machine use, labor and materials are designated. This is an important module on the manufacturing platform, as it can shorten the time of order deliveries and do away with the inefficiencies of the production process. MRP ERP assures the success of the project.

The manufacturing is similar to that of construction, when you consider the requirements of getting the job done. They both need inventory, supplies and equipment in order to proceed successfully. And the supply chain has to be filled before the production schedule begins. That’s why materials management is so important and requires good project management. If all of the requisite materials are not in-house before the job starts, just-in-time deliveries should be in place. Good materials management can help to assure that customers are satisfied and in the end, it’s customer relationship management that will determine your success.

The efficiency of materials management speaks to the ability to maintain the right amount of inventory and supplies at all times. If a manufacturing project is to succeed on schedule, all of the required materials must be in place precisely at the time they are needed. Otherwise, the production schedule is compromised and the project can fall behind its completion date. If MRP ERP is working hand in hand, that shouldn't be the case.

A good project manager will know far in advance, the materials required for production and will have made arrangements for their delivery and warehousing in time for production. Quit often, there are problems with having the right quantity of a certain item or material on hand. An application module for MRP should ensure that this doesn’t take place. Purchasing and procurement must be done in advance and materials should always be in place before production. And those materials which are needed at certain intervals of production must be there on time.

The bottom line is you can’t get the job done if you don’t have the materials required in place to do. If you’re working with the right software package, that should be no problem. MRP ERP will ensure that you are working smart.



Since its inception in the modern IT era, enterprise resource planning (ERP) has brought valuable advantages to those ERP software companies which are seeking to expand in an increasingly competitive, global marketplace. But there are always new challenges to face in an ever-growing industry, especially in the Internet technology sector. The demands of the market and the progressive introduction of newer technologies (a development now accelerating at a logarithmic rate) coupled with what may be unexpected, fluctuating changes in customer expectations, have made it increasingly harder for those ERP software companies without the required organizational skills, to remain on top of the game and stand up to the competition.

Despite the gains derived from the use of ERP systems (which are used to standardize company operations and policies by consolidating the functions, data and communication of the various departments into one common, homogeneous database), the popularity and widespread use of ERP software by private individuals, organizations and small business are contributing factors to what appears to be a progressive saturation of the market with services, leading to heightened competition. There are too many sellers, and customers are becoming more demanding as newer software, products and services are introduced daily. The necessity to keep up with the law of supply and demand and time constraints is another problem faced by ERP software companies. Literally, time equals money, and in the business world this is regarded as the driving formula of industrial capitalism.

Another relevant issue is customer service satisfaction. In what is now considered a buyers’ market, companies providing ERP services must pay particular attention to the demands of their clients/buyers, and be capable to aptly respond - in real-time - to any changes in attitudes or preference. The professional level and reputation of ERP software companies are in fact gauged by their successful interaction with customers, their ability to provide buyers with viable business solutions for the services they require and with the necessary training to operate the software.

More importantly, reliable and efficient methods of communication to inform customers of any updates, on a constant basis, are an essential feature of the company-client relationship. It ensures the success of the company and its influence on the market. These are all requirements which safeguard customer loyalty, promote a larger market reach and access to a wider array of business opportunities. Within this context, special emphasis must also be placed on a correct analysis of specific demographics in order to target potential market audiences.



ERP Software Companies are thriving

Let’s face it, there are a lot of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software Companies in the marketplace. And they come in many shapes, sizes, flavors and their costs are all across the board. The old school of implementing enterprise software involves installing servers, storage and software; and arranging for maintenance, customer service and training. It’s an expensive proposition, one in which large companies have invested heavily. Yet it has kept small companies from biting that particular bit and seeking something more cost friendly and adaptable. They have found that with Web-based platforms for ERP, cloud computing and software as a service.

In fact Web-based, online, hosted, software as a service is the biggest market for ERP today. It has effectively taken enterprise software to another level. It has also provided another space for large enterprise software vendors to fill. But they have some clever, smaller, nimble, competitors to deal with in this market opening. Big software companies like Oracle, SAP and Microsoft have definitely taken advantage of Web-based ERP, as have many other larger companies. But many smaller players such as, Netsuite and Infor, are also enjoying success on the Web.

Going online has attracted numerous small and midsized businesses to enterprise resource planning. It has given them the opportunity to implement the software system that would seem a must have business tool today. Indeed, many small businesses who have been working with out of the box software have made the transition to online, hosted ERP, because of its cost effectiveness and its ability to integrate and automate business practices. Working online also means that you can work from anywhere, anytime. And ERP Software Companies are thriving online.

With Web-based ERP, everybody can get into the game; suppliers as well as end users. And let’s not forget open source Web-based ERP which means that you get the software code for free and tweak it to suit your own particular needs. Yes, enterprise software has not only changed the way it is delivered, but also the manner in which it is implemented. Today, a small business can easily move from working with out of box software and move into the world of ERP.

It doesn’t matter how small your business is, you can still benefit from enterprise software. In fact, this software system was designed for minimal staff; remember, it is integrated, as well as automated to do things quickly and efficiently. ERP Software Companies both large and small are changing the way we operate.

If you’re serious about your manufacturing projects and the planning and scheduling of them, you should ensure that you are working with accounting manufacturing software backed by an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform. Such a set up will provide you with all of the integrated, automated applications and tools you need to do get the job done right and on time. It will connect you with other applications modules on the platform such as accounting, supply chain management and customer relationship management. It will also make sure that you are accessible and likewise to partners and suppliers. It will help you to effectively communicate, coordinate and share information and data in real time.

The manufacturing process calls for interaction with other entities. It has to be serviced by inventory, purchasing, distribution, logistics, the warehouse and transportation; the whole of supply chain management. But that is no problem for a planning and scheduling applications module that can bring all of these entities together and working as one whole consolidated structure. This is a united piece of software that works together communicating what is required as well as what is accomplished. This software has eyes, so to speak. It’s a powerful tool for providing an enterprise wide view into operations and business processing tasks.

And interesting enough, it doesn’t need a lot of bells and whistles to make it work. It integrates, automates and processes business activity in such a way that staff can monitor, track and check on any initiative or project that is taking place, and in real time. That can make a big difference when you want the ability to make changes or re-think what you’re doing. This software offers you the kind of flexibility needed to make alterations on the fly. Can your accounting manufacturing software do that?

And this takes place without a lot of add-ons or components. This is one software system, stored in one place, which is distributed throughout the organization for quick communication, collaboration and sharing of information and data. Everything you need is drawn from communications hub that effectively responds to your needs. If you haven’t worked with this software before, it may seem like a bit of a mystery. But once you’ve experienced it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Isn’t it about time your company jumped on the ERP train and experienced this powerful software system? It’s available and going online you will find that is affordable, too. So find out about accounting manufacturing software and enterprise movement. It can take your business to another level.

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