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Infor ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning

Equip yourself with the tools you need to cut costs, improve operational efficiency, and make smarter decisions—faster. That's what you get from Infor ERP software—ready to go, without expensive customizations or long, drawn-out implementations. And with flexibility, so you can add functionality as your business grows.

Explore the ERP system that's right for your business:

Infor LN:  The most powerful and comprehensive system available for managing the demands of complex manufacturing, distribution, and service industries, giving you unparalleled control over your global operations.

Infor M3:  Designed specifically to support organizations that are in the business to make, move, or maintain products, including Distribution, Equipment Service Management and Rental, Fashion, Food & Beverage, and Manufacturing. Formerly Lawson M3.

Infor SyteLine:  Provides the foundation for discrete manufacturers in a broad range of industries, such as metal fabrication, industrial equipment and machinery, and high-tech and electronics, to improve business efficiency, customer service, and productivity.

Infor VISUAL:  Designed for order-driven manufacturers in various industries, including discrete manufacturing, aerospace/defense, automotive, and industrial equipment and machinery.

Infor Adage:  A solution designed for manufacturers in the food and beverage, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, where bill of material-based software cannot model your operations.

Infor – Specialized by Industry – Engineered for Speed

Infor is a leading provider of business software and services, helping 70,000 customers in 194 countries improve operations and drive growth. Our customers include:

•  8 of the top 10 aerospace companies
•  9 of the top 10 high tech companies
•  9 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies
•  80 of the top 100 automotive suppliers
•  19 of the top 35 retailers
•  Over 1,100 state and local government agencies
•  Over 3,000 financial services companies & over 7,000 machinery manufacturers

AIMS 360 Apparel ERP Software

AIMS 360 Apparel ERP Software


AIMS 360 is a complete, fully integrated order and production processing system for apparel manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, and distributors of clothing, footwear, handbags, accessories, jewelry, home furnishings and other fashion products. With over 25 years of experience, AIMS ties cutting-edge technology with all facets of your business.  AIMS 360’s product suite is comprehensive, feature-rich, user-friendly, easy to implement and is compatible on a laptop, PC, Mac and iPad.  Solutions are available for on-site applications and on the Cloud.

With AIMS 360, apparel firms of ALL sizes can leverage a full suite of management tools that automate and enhance critical operations. AIMS is built on the latest innovations, such as cutting-edge bar code solutions, state-of-the-art database technologies, and advanced electronic data interchange (EDI) processes.

AIMS significantly improves the way core activities across the entire business are planned, executed, managed, and tracked. Achieve a competitive edge with features such as:

  • Taking orders on an iPad
  • AIMS Analytics for iPad
  • Inventory control
  • Production & tracking
  • Cutting tickets & WIP
  • Bill of materials (BOM)
  • Style cost sheets
  • Order processing
  • Order allocation
  • Picking tickets
  • Invoicing
  • Purchase orders
  • Credit card processing
  • Licensing & royalties
  • Factored & non-factored A/R
  • RMA & credits
  • Purchase orders
  • Credit card processing
  • Licensing & royalties
  • Factored & non-factored A/R
  • RMA & credits
  • Sales commissions
  • Automated UPC assignment
  • In-house integrated EDI
  • AIMS GL Integration™ with QuickBooks
  • AIMS RemoteLink™ remote order entry
  • AIMS WebLink™ online wholesale
  • AIMS EasyShop™ online retail cart
  • Shipping integration with UPS & FedEx
  • Scan & pack
  • Case pack

A Gold Level Microsoft ISV Partner and Gold Level QuickBooks developer, AIMS 360 provides the most professional, up-to-date programs possible, including AIMS GL Integration™ with QuickBooks, AIMS EasyShop™ online e-commerce retail shopping cart, AIMS WebLink™ online wholesale shopping cart, UPS and FedEx shipping integration, AIMS RemoteLink™ for iPad™ and Windows, Business Analytics for iPad and the easiest-to-use EDI Integration.  AIMS runs via the Web, and can be purchased for deployment as an on-site solution (secure cloud based), or rented as a hosted application.

AIMS 360 delivers all of this at affordable prices. From materials to finished goods, our application is easy-to-use, customizable and low-cost. No matter if you are a new business or are an existing small, medium or large organization, AIMS is your apparel ERP software solution and is here to help you grow!

AIMS is also currently being taught at colleges and trade schools such as Los Angeles Trade Technical College, Art Institute of CA San Diego, Cal Poly Pomona AMM, UCLA Extension, Saddleback College Irvine, CA and in the Fall of 2012 it will be taught at FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising).

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Call (310) 361-5710, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." mce_' + path + '\'' + prefix + ':' + addy34288 + '\'>'+addy_text34288+'<\/a>'; //--> , or visit

110 E. 9th St.  Suite A1169

Los Angeles, CA 90079

(310) 361-5710

OMS ERP Business Software


We believe we are among the largest independent software vendors to integrate front-office, back-office and Ecommerce management capabilities into an ERP business software suite. We intend to improve our position in the ERP business software applications market by continuing to provide high quality offerings that encompass the enterprise-class functionality and ease-of-use our customers require. We also intend to leverage our position as our customers' primary ERP business management platform by adding new and enhanced functionality that will help them run their businesses more efficiently and expand our presence within their organizations.


Master System sells one and only one, fully-integrated ERP software product OMS ERP. OMS ERP delivers fully-integrated order management, procurement, Inventory Control, Warehouse Management Solutions, Accounting & Finacial Reporting,eCommerce, EDI- Electronic Data Integration, Manufacturing, CRM-Customer Relationship Management, and business intelligence functionality in a single, complete business software solution. We do not believe in selling multiple products that compete against each other or detract for our ultimate goal of offering the best ERP software on the market for small and mid-market manufacturers and distributors. In keeping with this approach, Master System also does not sell functionally-limited or downgraded versions of our OMS ERP software. Every module and all demonstrated software functionality is developed solely by Master System and included in OMS ERP.

OMS delivers industry-specific business management software that helps enterprising and growing distributors of all sizes adapt to rapid change. With experience built in, our solutions are helping more than 5,000 companies meet their goals in a global marketplace. So go ahead. Be as innovative as you want to be. When you are you ready to seize new opportunities OMS is right beside you. Changing what you expect from a business software company. Get to know us and our solutions.

With products representing a collective 135 years of experience OMS is more than industry-specific we are business-specific. We zoom in close with solutions that have best practices and specific capabilities built in for the manufacturing and import distribution industries. As a result, you get a fast start to solving your problems and realizing a return on your investment, as well as low total cost of ownership for the long term.

OMS ERP Business Software Solutions.

Wholesale distributors and retailers can achieve a full 360 degree view of their entire supply chain with the OMS ERP business software solution. We provide a complete series of ERP business software products from a single source allowing you to integrate your entire supply-chain enterprise from the factory to the consumer. Designed, developed, programmed, and supported from our California corporate headquarters in the San Gabriel Valley. With thousands of local, regional, national and, global distributors using OMS since 1987; we enter our 25th Anniversary year positioned to maintain our leadership in innovative ERP business software solutions.

Every business is unique....

Each business has their own unique set of requirements and strategies for success often dictated by the type of inventory merchandise they carry. The OMS ERP business software solution's meets those strategies and requirements for success by consistently managing your inventory efficiently and doing so profitably; whether it's shoes or shrimp and anything in between!

Every Implementation is Unique

Each business has their own unique implementation requirements and strategies for success from start-ups with no software to companies upgrading older or inefficient ERP systems. OMS is designed to be deployed rapidly with little to no technical resources and, lower implementation cost. Designed to be easily used OMS shortens the learning curve while saving time and cost and allowing you to be" up and running" rapidly. That's why Master System offers more than 50 industry-specific solutions that can meet the unique and changing needs of your business..

Every Inventory is Unique

When it comes to business challenges, one size clearly doesn't fit all. OMS offers a full range of industry-specific inventory management enterprise business software. Across the many different vertical markets the handling of accounting requirements remains similar yet, at the same time managing inventory poses it own challenges based on the type of merchandise you distribute. From inventory requiring size/color matrixes to catch weights and everything in between. OMS delivers a system designed for your specific industry.

Get in touch

Address: 117 E. Duarte Rd, Arcadia, CA 91006

Telephone: +1.626.821.0882

FAX: +1.626.821.9417

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." ' + path + '\'' + prefix + ':' + addy47247 + '\'>'+addy_text47247+'<\/a>'; //-->

abas Business Software

Abas USA Logoabas Business Software

Founded in 1980, ABAS is a leading provider of flexible next generation ERP and eBusiness solutions.  abas Business Software serves mid-market manufacturers and distributors focusing on Engineer-to-order, Make-to-Order, Assemble-to-Order, and Made-to-Stock environments.  

More than 2,700 customers have chosen abas Business Software as their long term ERP provider.   ABAS has an impressive 93% customer retention rate.  Here’s why:

  • Ultimate Flexibility:  abas ERP’s multi-tier architecture is the most flexible solution on the market.
  • Current for Today’s Business Needs:  abas ERP can be integrated with SolidWorks, Microsoft Office, Open Office, and Google Aps and includes mobile solutions, business intelligence, and document management.
  • Easy Implementation:  Flexibility of the software and efficient implementation strategies.  abas implementations are 25% quicker than industry standards, delivering a consistent ROI for abas customers.
  • Experience:  30 + years of experience assure a reliable, predictable and effective implementation methodology.
  • Great ROI:  With the extensive range of functions, its flexibility, and ease of use, abas Business Software has been distinguished as having one of the best price/performance ratios in the industry.
  • Regular Upgrades:  abas Business Software‘s continual upgrade strategy guarantees their ERP software will be just as reliable in the future as it is today. A new version of the abas Business Software is provided each year adding new functions and adopting new technologies, ensuring abas users are always up-to-date with the latest technology. The abas up¬grade strategy ensures that each annual upgrade is seamless and re¬quires no reimplementation.
  • Select Your Plaform: abas runs on Linux, Unix and Windows servers. ABAS has supported Linux since 1996 because of its low costs, great stability and excel¬lent performance. On the client side, abas supports Windows 98 and newer, ASCII terminals, Linux clients, Mac clients, and distributed de¬vices like smart phones, barcode readers, RFID, badge readers, and biometric devices.
  • Customizability:  abas can take your company‘s specific requirements such as business processes, screens and database structures, and easily integrate them into the ERP software and change them to fit your organizational structure. When annual upgrades are completed, your individual modifications such as screen fields, custom reports, new functions and macros will not be affected and you can continue using the same functions made for your individual business.
  • Total Customer Satisfaction:  abas was named number one in customer satisfaction in four con¬secutive ERP studies published by the Konradin Group. abas ranked first in price/performance ratio, functional fit, stability, ease of use and upgrades. ABAS’s strong customer focus has resulted in a 93% customer retention rate since its inception in 1980. The company still has retained most of the customers who implemented the soft¬ware over the last 30 years.
  • User Friendly:  The intuitive user interface, process based screen structures, easy online help and data visualization allow users to work securely, intui¬tively, and effectively with abas Business Software. Whether browser based or using the graphical user interface; you decide how you run abas ERP.
  • International and Multi-lingual:  abas Business Software is multi-currency and offered in 30+ langu¬ages, with additional languages available upon request. Customers can work within the same database in different languages, enabling simplified workflow and communication between foreign subsidia¬ries. It also creates a benefit for companies who deal with customers or vendors in foreign countries. Their network of international partners and localization expertise is ideal for any company looking to expand abroad and integrate their ERP system globally.


abas Business Software Spectrum of Performance includes:

•    Purchasing
•    Sales
•    Material Management/MRP
•    Scheduling
•    Production / PPC
•    EDI
•    Infosystems
•    Financial accounting
•    Fixed asset accounting
•    Material valuation
•    Cost accounting
•    Costing
•    CRM
•    Group accounting
•    eBusines
•    Portal

Abas USA LogoERP software for production
abas ERP is a complete solution for custom manufacturers,  including CRM,  purchasing and sales, scheduling, production, materials management, production planning and control (PPC) and accounting. A fast ERP implementation, high customer satisfaction, internationality, an excellent price/performance ratio, investment security and user-friendliness are only some of the strengths of abas ERP software.

Abas USA LogoERP software for distribution
abas Distribution is the ERP software for small and medium-sized distribution and service companies. The material requirements planning system (MRP) supports all business areas, such as forecasting, CRM, purchasing, sales, warehouse/logistics, financial accounting, cost accounting and fixed asset accounting.

Abas USA LogoSoftware for eBusiness
abas eB functionality includes Webshops, sales order tracking, service processing, and customer and vendor portals. The eBusiness suite is managed through abas ERP, so website information is automatically updated when changes are made within abas ERP.  abas EB includes tools that make customization and expansion easy.

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