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Infor ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning

Equip yourself with the tools you need to cut costs, improve operational efficiency, and make smarter decisions—faster. That's what you get from Infor ERP software—ready to go, without expensive customizations or long, drawn-out implementations. And with flexibility, so you can add functionality as your business grows.

Explore the ERP system that's right for your business:

Infor LN:  The most powerful and comprehensive system available for managing the demands of complex manufacturing, distribution, and service industries, giving you unparalleled control over your global operations.

Infor M3:  Designed specifically to support organizations that are in the business to make, move, or maintain products, including Distribution, Equipment Service Management and Rental, Fashion, Food & Beverage, and Manufacturing. Formerly Lawson M3.

Infor SyteLine:  Provides the foundation for discrete manufacturers in a broad range of industries, such as metal fabrication, industrial equipment and machinery, and high-tech and electronics, to improve business efficiency, customer service, and productivity.

Infor VISUAL:  Designed for order-driven manufacturers in various industries, including discrete manufacturing, aerospace/defense, automotive, and industrial equipment and machinery.

Infor Adage:  A solution designed for manufacturers in the food and beverage, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, where bill of material-based software cannot model your operations.

Infor – Specialized by Industry – Engineered for Speed

Infor is a leading provider of business software and services, helping 70,000 customers in 194 countries improve operations and drive growth. Our customers include:

•  8 of the top 10 aerospace companies
•  9 of the top 10 high tech companies
•  9 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies
•  80 of the top 100 automotive suppliers
•  19 of the top 35 retailers
•  Over 1,100 state and local government agencies
•  Over 3,000 financial services companies & over 7,000 machinery manufacturers

Visibility Corporation

Founded in 1988, Visibility is a recognized leader as an enterprise software and technical services company with client successes throughout North America, the United Kingdom, Western Europe and Asia Pacific. With hundreds of clients worldwide, Visibility has more than 20,000 end users. Corporate headquarters is located 25 miles north of Boston in Andover, Massachusetts, in the United States. Visibility’s European headquarters is located in Cheadle, England.

Optimizing productivity and recognizing an immediate return on investment are common business drivers for the organizations Visibility serves. Working closely with customers to understand business objectives and assess current systems and processes, Visibility provides solutions that range from easy-to-deploy, high-impact reporting and analytic solutions, to comprehensive integrated enterprise applications, to applications built to address your specific business needs. Visibility’s solutions include ERP, Business Intelligence, Municipal Systems and Application Development Services.


Address10 New England Bus. Ctr. Dr.
Zip Code01810

CDC Software- Ross ERP

CDC Software

2002 Summit Blvd.  Suite 700

Atlanta, GA  30319 I USA


Product: Ross ERP


CDC Software (NASDAQ: CDCS) is a global provider of on-premise and cloud enterprise and supply chain software applications and services.Ross ERP is a comprehensive ERP solution for process manufacturers in the food and beverage, life sciences, chemicals, metals and building materials industries. Our solution is built from the ground up for specifically for process manufacturers, accommodating products, by-product, co-products, recycling and all the intricacies that processors deal with every day. Ross ERP has helped over 1200 process manufacturers worldwide to manage their manufacturing operations with recipe/formula and yield management, quality control, inventory management, complex product costing, and streamlined regulatory compliance.

Our Ross in the Cloud subscription based solution offers the same functionality as our on-premise Ross ERP application, in either a SaaS or PaaS environment.

You can expand the functionality of Ross ERP solution with these other integrated Ross Enterprise applications:

Demand Planning and Advanced Production Scheduling

Contracts and Chargebacks

Business Intelligence / Analytics

Business Process Management

Document Management

Mobile Data Collection

Product Lifecycle Management

Ross customers consistently validate a fast return on investment. Their accomplishments add to the bottom line and improve the overall business, including:

Increasing profitability with accurate product costing

Growing the business with flexible specifications that support multiple processes

Protecting brands with bi-directional lot tracing to speed recalls

Improving productivity and cash flow with contract & chargeback management

Simplifying compliance with complete data collection and reporting

With Ross ERP and extended enterprise solutions, process manufacturers are able to quickly streamline their business processes and improve profitability, while strengthening customer relationships and streamlining regulatory compliance.

Whitepapers by CDC Software:

Ross Case Study- Chemical - SI Group

Ross Case Study - Food - Berner Food and Beverage

Ross Case Study - Food - Litehouse

Ross Case Study - Pharma - Nexgen Pharma

Ross Case Study - Pharma - RxElite

Ross White Paper - Avoid The 7 Fatal Flaws In ERP Selection

Ross White Paper - Best Practices Demand Inventory Planning

Ross White Paper - ERP Essentials 4 Process Manufacturers

Ross White Paper - Exec Guide 2 Contract and Chargebacks

Ross White Paper - FoodSafety2011 and Traceability Checklist

What is an ERP System—An Introduction


Information is crucial in the day to day operations and long-term success of large corporations down to small businesses with barely a handful of employees. Effectively managing and accessing needed information in a timely manner is a key success factor in business. It is often recommended that businesses explore an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. But what is an ERP system and can they really make a difference in accessing your businesses information in a quick and easy manner?

When a person asks ‘what is an ERP system’ a relatively simple answer can actually be given. An ERP system is a software program that pulls together a business’s information with the goal of facilitating the flow of this information easily. There are several different ERP software systems and a central database is often used for storing all of the data.

With a single, powerful software program, enterprise resource planning systems integrate all departments (HR, accounting, sales, manufacturing, etc.) and functions of an organization onto a single computer system. The software serves each department’s needs and provides a host of benefits to the company. From improving efficiency and reducing operational costs to allowing management to make smarter business decisions, an ERP system breaks down the barriers between departments for easy sharing and communication.

So is there a benefit for companies utilizing ERP systems? For most companies the answer is yes.

When an order comes in at a typical company, it sets off a series of processes throughout the different departments of the company. Often times each department has a different computer system optimized for that department. Often times these systems don’t or can’t communicate with each other. Therefore, the customer’s information is keyed in multiple times as it travels from department to department. These multiple entries increase the possibility for error and slow down order fulfillment and billing. If a customer calls wondering where their order is, there is usually no way for the service people to access the warehouse’s computer system. This means the customer is put on hold while someone calls the warehouse to check if the order has been shipped. As the customer waits, their satisfaction falls and your employees waste time better spent on tasks that can increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

Since we’ve already touched on ‘what is an ERP system’, we know that the typical order process mentioned above could be streamlined by choosing the right ERP system. ERP systems often reduce the amount of redundant, menial tasks to be performed. This saves time and cuts down the opportunity for errors. Information is also more easily accessible when needed adding to saved time and, oftentimes, increased customer satisfaction. An ERP system can also be a wealth of information for decision making. Data is more easily turned into organized information that management can analyze and base decisions on.

In summary, what is an ERP system? It’s a software system that facilitates the flow of your businesses information—it pulls all of your businesses information together making it quickly and easily accessible to those who need it. In the process, the system helps reduce costs through decreased errors and a decrease in redundant tasks. It also provides management with ways to track and analyze information across multiple departments for a new window into the company’s processes.


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