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HRIS software, an important add-on

06 January 2012

HRIS (human resource information systems) software interfaces with the ERP (enterprise resource planning) or business system as an essential tool for managing personnel and recruitment.

Human Resource Information Systems Software

HRIS software, an important add-on

Though ERP systems are often described as end-to-end software solutions for business, specialized HRIS software is required to optimize human resources functionality.  Human Resources departments are looking for HRIS software that facilitates much more than just the storage of employee data.  

Human Resources duties extend far beyond what they once did.  Going far beyond hiring and firing and planning company picnics complex and extended responsibilities and adherence to regulations require functionality of software with much larger capabilities.
Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) provide overall:
·    Application and resume management
·    Benefits administration: enrollment, personnel data updates and status changes
·    Company-related documents:  employee handbooks and safety guidelines
·    Complete integration with payroll and other company financial software and accounting systems
·    Compliance records (OSHA, HIPAA, Citizenship, etc.)
·    Emergency procedures
·    Employee information management
·    Reports and analysis tools

HRIS that most effectively serves companies tracks:
·    Applicant tracking, interviewing and selection
·    Attendance
·    High potential employee identifier
·    Paid time off (PTO) and vacation tracking use
·    Personal/private employee data
·    Positions held, pay grades
·    Salary history and raises
·    Succession plans for management and key employee
·    Training and employee development performance plans disciplinary action

Often, Employee records and identification numbers are used as a key for other business software systems and tools. For instance, a Help Desk call tracking tool and database can be developed by mean of the ERP or business software solution with employee numbers as the key value.  Those key values are obtained by means of an interface between the HRIS and the ERP.  Other proprietary and customized applications are often created that rely on HRIS software for unique identifiers though the functionality of such apps can be seemingly unrelated to human resources activities.

The trend toward self service has become the rule rather than the exception that it once was.  More and more, everyday life is conducted on a self serve basis.  Pumping gas, automated teller machines, self checkout and, now, employee self service software that allows individual employees to check PTO and vacation balances, schedules and announcements and so on.

Applications are often completed online by both internal and external candidates.  Company websites routinely feature links to employment opportunities and electronic online applications for completion by prospective employees. The information can be downloaded into the HRIS software database.  

Internal websites are also common in companies of all sizes. HR and employee development pages are accessible to internal access and are often used as electronic bulletin boards and a clearing house for hr related information and policies.  Employees can go to the site to look at or download claims or tax forms, employee handbooks, etc.

The best of available HRIS software packages are very powerful and sophisticated tools that integrate elegantly with the ERP system at hand. Working in together, information technology, human resources and operations can make great use HR data and inter/intranet functionality through careful planning and configuration design.


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