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An enterprising HR Payroll System

26 January 2012

If yours is a small business, you can optimize the value of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) HR (Human Resources) payroll system. Small businesses today have the ability to access this software online, with anon-demand, online, software as a service (SaaS) subscription. The human resources-payroll components work closely together in businesses of every size. But it is especially important for small firms, with less means. A business with as few as three to five people can effectively operate this software system and use it to gain a competitive edge. Not many application modules are necessary for small entities and those placed on their operating platform can easily be bundled. The platform is smaller, but is distributed and all-inclusive. It is also integrated and automated. Information between the accounting unit and human relations can flow seamlessly, back and forth between the two departments. Information and data required anywhere else throughout the business can easily be accessed as well.

Human Resource Payroll System

An enterprising HR Payroll System  

Sometimes there is an immediate need for information to be exchanged between the HR and accounting departments. In the past that meant memos, telephone calls and office visits. But today, smart companies are taking the Web-based approach to operating their businesses. And the results are impressive. Many small businesses have found greater economies of scale with enterprise software and they have also been able to gain market share by conducting business in such a way as to appear to be a larger entity than they actually are. Small, creative companies, in numerous fields have used this software system to grow their business. This software can work for any type of business and its use runs the gamut from accounting, architecture, construction, manufacturing, distribution, supply chain management, wholesale and retail trade, public services, educational services, customer relationship management and more.

The enterprise HR payroll system can simplify the process of administering the relationship between the people in accounting and the folks in human resources. Information relating to such things as wages, health benefits, training, taxes, withholding and deductions, temporary workers, Workman's Compensation, all come into play. Then too, is the opportunity to have Intranet employee portals in place so that personnel can easily access information in their personal employment files. This is a software system that makes it convenient for employees, management and customers, to communicate, collaborate and share information on a real-time basis. The information shared between accounting and human resources is readily accessible through the enterprise operations dashboard and communications flow across the system in such a way that information and data can be accessed with real-time visibility.

A small business can do a lot with this software system. It can apply only the software applications it needs, bundle them and extend the platform as the business grows. This is the kind of software reach that you can’t get out of a package. It is however available online. The response to software as a service (SaaS) and Web-based access to ERP has been phenomenal. It has grown to become the largest software market. It has attracted many businesses and its growth just continues to spiral.

The time is now for an HR payroll system.


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