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Inflow Inventory Software Review

An Inflow Inventory Software review can demonstrate the functionality and features of Inflow Inventory Software, a downloadable inventory tracking application that provides advanced inventory management services for small businesses and startups. If you’re a small business owner or technology managers, consider beginning your Inflow Inventory Software review with a trip to the Inflow website, where you can view videos and product demonstrations. Your Inflow Inventory Software review can also introduce you to the side variety of tracking, monitoring and invoicing features available through this deceptively simple module. Explore detailed information regarding features like the following:

Inventory Software

Inflow Inventory Software Review

Product listing: Inflow offers detailed product organization tools that you can use to sort your inventory by category, price or picture. On a standard PC, Inflow can keep track of up to 10,000 products. You can use barcodes to track individual pieces with a barcode scanner that connect directly to your computer, and you can also use Inflow to monitor multiple units of measure. For example, you can buy units by the case and sell them by the dozen. Inflow can keep track of your conversions without missing a beat, or an item.

Multiple location tracking and full movement history: As your business grows, you may need to track inventory flow into and out of multiple locations. Inflow can help you monitor multiple sites, as well as aisle and bin numbers. It can also provide a full movement history for every item, which can help you deal with problems, loss or theft. You can also use Inflow to update your inventory from bills of sale. As multiple orders of raw material are assembled into individual product units, their categorization shifts in a fully traceable way.

Order taking and vendor relationships: An Inflow Inventory Software review will show you how Inflow can deduct inventory with a single click after orders are placed. Inflow can also track changing product costs and also purchase order printing and variety of other forms of reporting.

Your Inflow Inventory software review can introduce you to the details of one example of a rapidly expanding market for small business back office management tools. Small business software modules are on the rise, and as capabilities expand, prices drop, bringing one out of reach enterprise resource planning tools into the hands of smaller and mid sized business owners. Most of these advancements have taken place during the last six years, as independent providers have appeared to challenge to position of established ERP developers and established developers work to stay competitive by scaling their products to meet small business needs. At this point, back office management software may mean the difference between survival and failure as managers look for a competitive edge during difficult times.

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