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Inventory Software Review, Part II

There are many vendors currently designing for the inventory control software market, and, as a result, there are many exceptional products to be had. One of the very best is ManageMore’s Inventory Control Software.

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Inventory Software Review, Part II

ManageMore’s inventory control software is intended to provide flexibility.  From the initial setup of inventory templates to the creation of multiple pricing methods, ManageMore's Inventory control software meets the mixed requirements of a broad variety of industries.

To begin with, ManageMore includes inventory templates which allow companies to set up individual business rules. Users can define default inventory item pricing, general ledger accounts, taxes, category, department, warranty, and up to five user-definable settings per template –and all of this can reflect how the business is run.  

With ManageMore's Inventory control software, it is also possible to establish a number of separate warehouses, holding facilities, and store locations -- each with its particular inventory levels for similar part numbers.  

ManageMore's inventory control software program can streamline the process of receiving, selling, or returning serialized inventory items.  Another benefit of this inventory program is that it does not require a plant to be closed or stop production in order to reconcile these changes and perform an accurate inventory count. The software also generates reports with data necessary to assist businesses in purchasing the right products at the right time.

Many businesses are currently using data collectors to quickly do inventory counts.  With dozens of inexpensive hardware models available, businesses are taking advantage of the efficiency and accuracy of such a device, so ManageMore made it easy to import the data gathered from most of these devices in a matter of seconds.  

Many manufacturers use kits, or the bundling products for a special price. As kits are sold to customers, ManageMore's Inventory control software automatically reduces appropriate inventory levels on all components that make up the kit.  The software also keeps track of which individual  products or kits are selling well and which are not.

ManageMore additionally supports a variety of pricing methods and these can be setup to streamline profit calculations in a more systematic manner.  Every business has to either create special sales incentives or increase its prices to reflect inflation and the cost of doing business.  ManageMore's Inventory can set rules and conditions for inventory categories that require price updates.  Utilizing pricing methods like Markup and Margin percentages, one can quickly do mass changes to inventory without the time-taking effort of manual data entry.

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