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An Inflow Inventory Software review can demonstrate the functionality and features of Inflow Inventory Software, a downloadable inventory tracking application that provides advanced inventory management services for small businesses and startups. If you’re a small business owner or technology managers, consider beginning your Inflow Inventory Software review with a trip to the Inflow website, where you can view videos and product demonstrations. Your Inflow Inventory Software review can also introduce you to the side variety of tracking, monitoring and invoicing features available through this deceptively simple module. Explore detailed information regarding features like the following:

Inventory Software

Inflow Inventory Software Review

Product listing: Inflow offers detailed product organization tools that you can use to sort your inventory by category, price or picture. On a standard PC, Inflow can keep track of up to 10,000 products. You can use barcodes to track individual pieces with a barcode scanner that connect directly to your computer, and you can also use Inflow to monitor multiple units of measure. For example, you can buy units by the case and sell them by the dozen. Inflow can keep track of your conversions without missing a beat, or an item.

Multiple location tracking and full movement history: As your business grows, you may need to track inventory flow into and out of multiple locations. Inflow can help you monitor multiple sites, as well as aisle and bin numbers. It can also provide a full movement history for every item, which can help you deal with problems, loss or theft. You can also use Inflow to update your inventory from bills of sale. As multiple orders of raw material are assembled into individual product units, their categorization shifts in a fully traceable way.

Order taking and vendor relationships: An Inflow Inventory Software review will show you how Inflow can deduct inventory with a single click after orders are placed. Inflow can also track changing product costs and also purchase order printing and variety of other forms of reporting.

Your Inflow Inventory software review can introduce you to the details of one example of a rapidly expanding market for small business back office management tools. Small business software modules are on the rise, and as capabilities expand, prices drop, bringing one out of reach enterprise resource planning tools into the hands of smaller and mid sized business owners. Most of these advancements have taken place during the last six years, as independent providers have appeared to challenge to position of established ERP developers and established developers work to stay competitive by scaling their products to meet small business needs. At this point, back office management software may mean the difference between survival and failure as managers look for a competitive edge during difficult times.

If you have to monitor and track inventory, you’re going to need a good piece of software to do it with. My suggestion would be Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). This software system will give you a number of application modules, including one for inventory. What’s nice about ERP is that you can place these applications as either stand-alone or bundled, depending on your own particular situation. Inventory management backed by an ERP platform will be more than enough support to provide solutions to your inventory challenges. You’ll know what’s in stock, what’s not and when deliveries are scheduled.

ERP Software

Inventory Management and your business

Tracking stock keeping units (SKUs) hasn’t always been easy; but with enterprise software it is a snap. Depending on the type of business you are operating, as mentioned above, you have the option of determining how tour application module for inventory will be set up. If your business just wants to be able to monitor supplies across the enterprise, then a stand-alone module would probably work fine. If you’re involved in distribution, you might want to have your inventory application bundled onto the distribution module.

However you decide to place the application you will find that it will sit on a very supportive platform which includes applications for other business processing tasks, as well. The application module for Inventory management will keep you advised as to what is happening with everything that has to do with inventory. That includes reporting, analyzing and providing business intelligence, as well. You will know what is designated as just-in-time delivery and what is not. Also, keep in mind that this enterprise software system is an all-inclusive distributed system, whereby all application modules on the platform, work together as one.

Disparate units throughout the business will need information and access to inventory. That’s not a problem with this software system. Indeed, this is a collaborative platform that provides the same information to all, and in real time. All of the application modules reside in one place, one repository where all staff can access the applications, information and data they need to do their jobs efficiently. The system is integrated as well as automated, for quick processing of business tasks.

Whatever the task, ERP software can rise to the occasion. It’s the most efficient and effective software system on the market today and a big winner for the small business community. You haven’t seen Inventory management software like this before. You should take a look.

It is fair to say that inventory software is under the umbrella of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. But the power of inventory software demands its use in even the smallest businesses. The benefits of being able to know where your inventory is and how much you have at the drop of a hat are just too great for most enterprises to pass up. Let us take a look at some inventory software reviews to help us get a handle on what these products can do and who is producing for the market today.

ERP Software

Inventory software reviews may often neglect to mention what a typical package may do, so we will start going over features that you should find in most inventory software packages. As you go up in price range, you will often find increased features. These features usually are required for businesses facing more complex situations and needing more detailed and varied reporting on the data captured by their system.

A typical inventory software package will track how much stock you have and where it is. It will also take customer orders, invoice them and subtract the inventory in real-time. By looking at your software you will be able to quickly and easily tell when you are running low on inventory and order more. You will also be able to generate reports such as monthly sales, inventory history and profit margins to name a few. These programs can be used on a single computer or installed on any number of computers allowing those in your organization to update and share information in real time. These powerful features lead to a host of benefits. Some of the major benefits include simplifying complexities of managing inventory, increasing efficiency and gaining insights—through the report functions—on what is happening in your business. This all boils down to saving an organization money and gaining a competitive advantage.

Inventory Software Reviews – An Overview

Larger companies looking for inventory software reviews will find that all the well known ERP vendors cover inventory needs in their various ERP packages and modules. These names include the offerings of Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and Sage. You will have to take some time and research each of these companies offerings and the capabilities they have as a software package and as a company that will be responsible for setting up this software, training your people and maintaining the software.

Smaller businesses also have several options to choose from for their inventory software reviews. Inflow has a basic inventory software package you can obtain for free. They also have more beefed up versions and get good reviews. Quickbooks has extensions covering inventory for its ever popular software. InventorySoft, Fishbowl inventory, Wasp Barcode Technologies and Asap Systems also offer products worth considering. Finding the right inventory control system for your company can surely make your life easier and provide many of those great benefits we spoke of earlier. Don’t hesitate to consult an expert too. They can help point you in the right direction.

A business that deals with a significant amount of inventory has a lot at stake with how efficiently that inventory is managed. Eliminating redundancies, providing employees instant access to information and being able to analyze relevant data to see the story of what is happening with your inventory can save money, increase customer satisfaction and provide a competitive advantage that is crucial for survival in today’s hyper-competitive environment. Inventory management software reviews are a necessary place to begin when considering a new system or just an upgrade. Even if you have conducted inventory software reviews in the past, the enterprise software system has changed so much in the past few years that it is a good idea to conduct one to make sure you are up-to-date.

ERP Software

The increase in computing power, availability of powerful tablet devices and smart phones along with the advent of cloud computing has spurred inventory management software reviews by organizations across the globe. These reviews can uncover ways to increase the usefulness of your software system or signal that a complete change is necessary. When conducting your review you may want to focus on a few different areas and ask yourself specific questions. First, focus on the actual inventory aspects. Are you able to track inventory in real-time? How is the data accessible? Can your system operate on smart phones and other mobile devices? Second, you can focus on the back-office software functions.

Inventory Management Software Reviews

Do you have a good customer relationship management (CRM) module? Is the accounting section able to track and report on all of the data you want to see? If you find your inventory management software lacking in some of these specific areas, you can find out if there are updated modules you can get. If you are just looking at implementing an inventory management system, you will want to ask some key questions about data storage and the equipment your software runs on. Even if you already have a system, you should examine the upcoming questions.

With the advent of cloud computing and software as a service packages, many small and medium sized businesses have found they can gain massive amounts of computing power and storage without having to create a whole IT department. It is important to look at your company’s growth and budget to determine if investing in your own IT hardware and personnel is worth the hassle and cost. The previously mentioned developments have created a wonderful opportunity for small and mid-sized businesses. They can now take advantage of powerful software for a very reasonable investment. This reason alone should spur serious consideration of conducting inventory management software reviews. Even larger companies should conduct this kind of review so a cost-benefit analysis can be conducted. Keeping up with the recent technological shifts and developments can create a competitive advantage. Failure to do so could be dangerous to your business.

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