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How Industry- Specific Compatible ERP Manufacturing Software Solutions and Related Applications Designed for Implementation in the Restaurant Industry Work (Part I)

ERP Manufacturing

ERP Manufacturing Software Solutions and Related Applications Designed for Implementation in the Restaurant Industry Work (Part I)

Why the Variety of Modules and Multiple Applications Provided by ERP Manufacturing Software Technology is Especially Beneficial for Small Restaurant Businesses and for Merging all Company Functions of the their Enterprise/ Why and How the Shared Inter- departmental Exchange of Respective Roles/ Functions that ERP Manufacturing Software Applications Promote is Facilitated for Employees Working in Small Restaurant Businesses when Compared to Employee Relations in Larger- Scale High- End Restaurants or Franchises

In the small restaurant business it is especially evident how the transfer and exchange of information between the inter- linked employee levels (connected through the “built for speed” ERP manufacturing software and other related applications to unify and process – in real time - all aspects of internal and external company functions including manufacturing and supply/ distribution processes), is considerably maximized because of their close rapport that exists, and which is due also to their physical proximity to each other, while also being determined by the size of the business/ facility and its location.

For these reasons, it is easier for employees in a small family- operated and run restaurant business - when compared to those who work in bigger restaurants or highly professional franchises - to relay information to the other restaurant departments regarding specific issues pertaining to the latter's individual functions. This means that it is easier for small restaurant employees to share in the exchange of roles and specific functions of their business.

This factor is what increases the potential for inter-departmental cooperation; which is specifically promoted and enhanced through the implementation of ERP manufacturing software technology in order to achieve maximum inter- connectivity; particularly via a user-friendly visual screen interface that is accessible by all parties in the enterprise (and by their customers for specific purposes), connected to and operated through a central on- line database which allows for real-time inter- activity among all employees.

This interface, in fact, allows for direct communication between servers, bar and the kitchen floor personnel, for placing orders which are instantly sent to the cooks while at the same time processing the charges and costs of each order to be billed to the customer in real time and on the instant. Placing the order is done simply by selecting on the appropriate box among the various features available and which all appear on the same screen on the interface, which shows the menu items and specials of the evening.

Among its other features, the screen (which the more user friendly it is designed to be, the better for all employees) displays also the list of reservations made online via the restaurant's website; another indispensable tool which every respectable restaurant business eager to attract new customers and also retain the loyalty of current ones, must inevitably employ along with, as already discussed in focus, a blog or on- line discussion forum site where customers can send in their queries to address specific issues, and thus, in the process, in reciprocal fashion help the restaurant, in turn, to forecast and thereby anticipate possible variations in customer satisfaction or preference over time.


Industry- Specific and Industry- Compatible ERP Manufacturing Software Solutions Designed for the Food Service Industry (Part III) A Detailed Analysis of the Specific ERP Manufacturing Software Technology and Main Modules Used for Operating a Restaurant Business

ERP Software

Compatible ERP Manufacturing Software Solutions Designed for the Food Service Industry (Part III)

The examples provided by Domino’s Pizza advertising strategies and Chef Ramsey’s Reality TV Show “Hell’s Kitchen,” both exemplify the mutual and reciprocal advantages of ERP manufacturing software applications for both vendor and customer in the restaurant industry and also for any industry which employs ERP technology, and demonstrate how the two become bound and inextricably inter- linked, to the point where (thanks to ERP technology) their chain of relations evolves into a unity of common interests which cannot - and must not - be broken because it ensures their respective survival on the market and in the industry.

This relationship, if promoted adequately and brought to higher standards of quality, is bound to lead to enhanced employee performance, consequently improving their rate of service delivery, and upgrading service and food quality through the regular interaction between the various departments (managers, kitchen floor, servers, bus boys, hosts, payments and accounting personnel and the other administrative office levels in the restaurant facility) that is made possible via the central online database, accessible in real time, of the ERP manufacturing software solution which the owner chooses to employ.

Additionally, distribution processes-including business transactions with suppliers of food- stuffs and beverages for regular delivery, are also handled by the ERP software, which, if it happens to be one that is a highly efficient, also integrates applications to monitor and process supply/ distribution needs for the restaurant. With regards to Chef Ramsey, considering how his reputation and input are highly valued in the restaurant industry -- and although his personality and methods may seem questionable and quite dictatorial in certain cases, as is evident by his outspoken reprimanding when something goes wrong in the kitchen or with the orders - it is no doubt clear that he knows how to organize an enterprise efficiently in order to successfully integrate a high level of interactivity between the restaurant employees, between them and their managers, and improving the relations of all of them vis-à-vis the customers who frequent their establishment.

All of above, as a matter of fact, are major components in the process of boosting the company's business growth, and process issues which the various applications of ERP manufacturing software solutions are specifically intended to solve. The basic theme of the show is that, for any business to be successful, there must be high connectivity and fluid communication between all the parties in the company if they are to create and deliver a product successfully and on – time to the end – user, to the maximum satisfaction of the customer, and if a company employee holds a grudge or represses his dissatisfaction, it may have detrimental consequences for the entire business.

The important part of the process in merging all company functions and internal as well as external relations through ERP technology, is based on the use of multiple applications to process orders and customer feedback through a central interactive, online computer database active in real-time, with a visual interface which enables every employee in the restaurant to access multiple features including a diagram of the internal organizational infrastructure and esthetic space of the restaurant; showing all the tables and the individual numbers with which they’re identified, including the position where they are allocated both on the main floor and the other upstairs/ downstairs dining rooms – a screen interface that is user friendly (if possible) and accessible by all parties; including the bus boys.


How ERP Manufacturing Software Applications are Implemented in the Restaurant and Food Catering Business

ERP Manufacturing

Industry- Specific and Industry- Compatible ERP Manufacturing Software Solutions Designed for the Food Service Industry (Part I)

Following up from the fact that ERP manufacturing software applications are used in the most diverse industries for industry-specific purposes, and that these applications to monitor and run distribution/supply management and production processes are also integrated into the majority of the generic types of ERP software systems on the IT/ ERP market, it would be useful at this point to discuss another example among these multiple industries employing the numerous – and for those businesses which do not possess all the necessary technical expertise to know about all the various suites and modules developed by the ERP software industry or are not proficient enough in the multiple features of ERP technology, as yet undiscovered- benefits of ERP manufacturing software applications.

One of the customer service industrial sectors for which ERP manufacturing software solutions are especially appropriate because of the multi- purpose applications designed to run multiple processes simultaneously, is the restaurant industry. This is one of those industries which, because of their characteristics in terms of inter- departmental relations and close personal rapport with customers and between employees, can benefit the most from their implementation: to improve internal communication between the employee/managers so that everyone involved in the business; from the waiters, hosts, servers to the bus- boys, cooks and floor managers, as well as the owner, can better organize and co- operate together to increase productivity and employee performance and accelerate order delivery.

As a pertinent comparison we could use Chef Ramsay's reality TV show to measure how the organization of a restaurant business ought to be restructured to achieve maximum productivity and customer satisfaction, because it gives an inside scoop into how a restaurant (especially if it is a small establishment or a family owned and operated business) is closer in structure and definition to the artisanal ideal (itself being the predecessor of large scale manufacturing methods for mass- consumption purposes), consisting of a small co- operative or tightly knit nucleus because of their proximity of relations between one another, which must work together as a collective entity in order to function efficiently for the mutual benefit of the workers and the success of the establishment – the two parties of course being dependent upon one another for their respective mutual success.

These are elements which are aimed at providing the overall maximum satisfaction for their customers. The popular reality TV show also evinces how proper inter-connectivity and inter- active communication through the exchange and inter- change of ideas among all restaurant departments (which are benefits provided especially by the applications of ERP manufacturing software technology) are elements which can increase the quality of service, accelerate service delivery to customers, improve employee performance, and significantly promote employee satisfaction, because in the end, in the restaurant industry if the employees are happy (especially the cooks), consequently the customers are happy,  and no one wants to be served bad -quality food. This concept, of course, also applies to the general customer service industry.


ERP Manufacturing Software Systems in Current Events: How ERP Technology and ERP Manufacturing Software Solutions are Exposing Corporate and Political Scandals thanks to the Maximum Visibility and Transparency into Company Operations that are Provided by their Multiple Applications and Suites (Part IV)

ERP Manufacturing

Maximum Visibility and Transparency into Company Operations that are Provided by their Multiple Applications and Suites

How the Implementation of ERP Manufacturing Software Technology by Government and Multinational Conglomerates has Facilitated and Promoted the Activities of Modern Hacker Groups and other Organizations like WikiLeaks and Contributed to the Release and Global Dissemination of Sensitive Information

It is a legitimate assumption that modern, organized hacker groups such as “Hackers Anonymous,” are especially versed and skilled in the multiple aspects of ERP technology- and rightly so, if they are able to infiltrate secure, high- clearance government websites and access sensitive information that is then picked up by the media. This assertion, which also suggests that these hackers employ ERP technology themselves for their endeavors, is supported by the fact that multiple government agencies, and (as a matter of course) giant corporations and multinationals have also employed the services of many important vendors of ERP manufacturing software solutions for their needs.

The latter, to remind the reader, are the kind of ERP solutions which are not only designed strictly for manufacturing and distribution needs, but also integrate numerous other applications which, like those of any ERP software, are also aimed at improving the flexibility and efficiency of internal/external company processes and for boosting the company's business potential. This is a defining point because, while it is true that other kinds of non-industry-specific ERP software might not be specifically named or termed ERP “Manufacturing” software products per se, these also deal with all the aspects of the supply/chain management, and they must also, therefore, also include applications for manufacturing and distribution processes for end delivery to the customer.

By buying an ERP manufacturing software solution, the buyer is assured that all of its company needs will be met, but, more importantly, that industry- compatible and specific ERP  manufacturing software products are better than any of the other generic ERP software because the former especially focus on running multiple manufacturing – and, by default - also multiple distribution processes such as mixed mode manufacturing of different combinations of Process and/ or Discrete products; thus also improving the overall lean manufacturing potential and maximizing productivity and profits.

This knowledge, ultimately, will greatly aid any customer in their choice of the best ERP manufacturing software to use and have customized to their preference, depending on which industry and business sector they operate in. For, local, state and national government, it has been discussed in prior articles that employing ERP manufacturing software technology has particularly helped ease the burden of bureaucracy by increasing the level of communication and interactivity, in real-time, among government agency administrators and employees and the various industrial ties they maintain with multiple entities.

Because government and multinationals are inextricably involved in the ERP industry also in large part for manufacturing and distribution purposes (and we may mention in passing the military-industrial complex within this context because of its current and historical relevance), it is inevitable that the visibility and transparency provided through the use of those ERP applications are elements which have facilitated hacking attempts, and also encouraged hacker groups in their efforts simply because the accessibility level of ERP technology has made these conditions possible -- In a sense, ironically, ERP technology is also used by hackers and may have also helped them to devise more ingenious methods of infiltration thanks to the high accessibility level to information and data that ERP technology provides.


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