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With a structured implementation of their ERP, enterprise resource planning software solutions, manufacturing companies are seeing big results within a six month timeframe.

Manufacturing Companies See Significant Benefits With ERP Enterprise Resource Planning Software Solu

With a structured implementation of their ERP, enterprise resource planning software solutions, manufacturing companies are seeing big results within a six month timeframe. ERP system integration with companies have a big impact on businesses as they touch every department and technology application in the organization which can be very disruptive to current operations and business processes. Anything that effects daily operations impacts the bottom line and service performance and in some cases even employee morale. Despite the unfavorable impact of an enterprise wide implementation, studies have shown that small to mid-sized companies, particularly manufacturing companies, are increasing their capital investments in ERP systems for the simple fact that they need to stay competitive. Manufacturing companies need the critical benefits of having data and information that is integrated and that their business processes are integrated in a seamless foundation both domestically and globally which is what ERP, enterprise resource planning software solutions bring to the table. To mitigate the business process and potential manufacturing disruption that an enterprise wide deployment can cause, companies are taking steps to make the process as quick, successful and as void of pain as possible. With a clear approach and clear strategic goals to be achieved from an ERP implementation, along with manufacturing partners and vendors that are aligned and capable technologically and resource wise to support the enterprise implementation, great rewards can be achieved. The top key features that manufacturing look for to ensure a successful ERP investment and implementation are first ease of integration with current legacy systems. Its important that the end resulting enterprise system is a seamless system with a strong handshake and cohesiveness with internal modules and outside legacy applications. Secondly, the accounting module must be best of breed and the system must have the flexibility to synch with the varying interfaces of legacy applications including custom management reporting and querying. Thirdly, internal controls are a critical component of an ERP solution. Automated processes can reduce cost and significantly streamline resources such as quantity and volume approval processes and purchase approval levels. Lastly, the audit functionality of the system is critical for manufacturing companies specifically in aerospace and defense industries. On the manufacturing side, inventory auditing and management visibility of the inventory is a key aspect of the auditing function. Focusing on the key areas for your ERP solution to address can streamline your implementation and deployment significantly and get your system up and running in four to five months which means less business disruption, less resources spent, less costs and an higher return on your ERP software investment.

The client is a leading retailer of sporting gear in North America. They specialize in Cricket, Field Hockey and Rugby gear.

While many industries have embraced the principles of Enterprise Resource Planning, the manufacturing sector still leads the way for businesses looking for innovative, integrated solutions. Previous generations of ERP solutions for manufacturers allowed managers to reduce defects and streamline production within a facility.

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