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How Industry- Specific Compatible ERP Manufacturing Software Solutions and Related Applications Designed for Implementation in the Restaurant Industry Work (Part V)

ERP Manufacturing

ERP Manufacturing Software Solutions and Related Applications Designed for Implementation in the Restaurant Industry Work (Part V)

An Analysis of how Partnerships Formed Between Small Restaurant Businesses and Small Vendors of Industry- Specific ERP Manufacturing Software Solutions Can Bring Mutual Advantages and Promote the Development and Dissemination of Innovative Technologies/ The Role and Influence of Small Technological Innovators in the Promotion of Industry- Specific ERP manufacturing Software Applications Designed and Customized for the Needs of Small- Scale Restaurant Businesses

The partnership formed between small restaurant businesses and small vendors who offer highly efficient ERP manufacturing software solutions that are small- business oriented, affordable at low prices and which maintenance requires little ERP cost expenditures in the short and long- run would create mutual advantages for the small innovative businesses especially (which, in the global industrial stage, have always been the primary innovators for new products and technologies and are principally responsible for designing, developing and introducing innovative features and applications that are then also integrated by vendors/ providers into their ERP manufacturing software solutions for internal implementation and for delivery to their customer base. And, of course, these innovative applications are also integrated into other multiple varieties of ERP/ Internet/ Information/ high technology products for delivery to customers on a mass scale (such as multimedia- gadgets and devices with online functions).

These small businesses- despite their low market visibility and presence due to the current saturation of the ERP/ IT market - are able to develop such technologies simply because they are very skilled at employing numerous strategies that allow them to keep up to date with the latest innovative technological tools entering the market in growing numbers more frequently and which therefore necessitate more visibility potential if - as small businesses –these principal technological innovators are to survive competition especially within what has become, during the course of the past decade, a buyers market that offers innumerable choices of IT or ERP manufacturing software products and an extensive variety of multimedia/interactive gadgets to buy.

This situation, because of the large selection of products that are available, also creates issues for potential buyers - in their case, particularly because they may not be able to make up their mind between their choice of 1, 2 or more products they may be interested in purchasing, and therefore - because they actually may not be aware of the existence of the specific technological products that suits their needs completely - they simply may not really know what to look for (assuming that such a product even exists; for such is the current condition created by this increasing global market saturation, and which has given rise to new industry concerns such as this).

And this brings us to the various ways in which the dissemination of IT/ ERP knowledge and technological expertise by both vendors and customers/ clients is effected and promoted to higher standards of visibility through the use of advertising tools such as the social media networks (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), including the various online discussion and blog forums hosted by individual ERP manufacturing software vendors which are also in some cases, embedded by their respective customers into their own company website in order to promote discussion among Internet users, and especially industry/ software professionals, regarding a certain product’s features and quality level or discovered deficiencies, or to present comparisons with similar lower or higher-quality ERP manufacturing software solutions.


How Industry- Specific Compatible ERP Manufacturing Software Solutions and Related Applications Designed for Implementation in the Restaurant Industry Work (Part IV)

ERP Manufacturing

ERP Manufacturing Software Solutions and Related Applications Designed for Implementation in the Restaurant Industry Work (Part IV)

The Value and Importance of Partnering with Mergers for Small Restaurant Businesses: The Nature and Role of Mergers in the Implementation of Industry- Specific and Compatible ERP Manufacturing Software Applications Designed for the Needs of Small Restaurant Businesses.As noted previously, in the article from the series “How Industry- Specific Compatible ERP Manufacturing Software Solutions and Related Applications Designed for Implementation in the Restaurant Industry Work (Part III)”, there are various reasons why many businesses may wish to enter into the international cluster of ERP/Information/ Internet Technology relations. Some may wish to draw from all - or only some - of the multiple advantages presented by forming partnerships with all the parties involved (as is the case for example in a merger or business conglomerate - which can, under any aspects, be considered small- scale or miniature versions of a global associative industrial cluster such as the one that exists between the ERP/IT technology industrial sectors).

Other reasons to explain their individual decision to participate and form partnerships include the need to acquire an adequate understanding of the appropriate promotional tools (which are based on ERP technology and ERP manufacturing software applications), that are necessary to advertise their products, so they can expose them to bigger intranet/customer audiences. Other companies, instead, may be solely interested specifically in providing technical ERP and technological training for their employees; so that all company levels will know how to operate the multi- purpose functions of the company’s customized ERP manufacturing software solution to run either specific, single, or multiple (depending on the case) internal and external manufacturing, distribution and business/ market processes.

To understand how mergers – acting as collective collaborative bodies -can greatly benefit small businesses in the Restaurant industry, it is worthy to note that mergers create a system which places all participant parties in a condition of mutual and reciprocal growth and survival; one which is also promoted by the free and unrestricted exchange and inter- change of the respective functions/ roles played by each of the participants, and which affects everyone -from company employees to customers, vendors, consulting firms, supply/distribution sectors, manufacturing businesses of any type, local, state and national government, academic organizations and universities, professional institutions and anyone else that enters the “net” or “network” of ERP/Internet technology interests.

The reason is that, ultimately, associative clusters, by their very definition, are in fact net- working associations where every party can promote their business or discover the specific solution to their needs; including innovative marketing strategies to capture new audiences via the interchange of market logistics and technical ERP data and technological expertise regarding innovative technologies for new software upgrades and applications, or valuable market information as well as inside scoops into foreign audience/country demographics, and – last but not least - data on potential global customer audiences who may be interested in the specific services or products they offer. Such a network system assures that ERP technological expertise is disseminated and transferred back and forth continuously (touching new customer audiences and attracting them to the associative cluster) - and in the process - assimilated by every party in the chain of relations.


How Industry- Specific Compatible ERP Manufacturing Software Solutions and Related Applications Designed for Implementation in the Restaurant Industry Work (Part III)

ERP Manufacturing

ERP Manufacturing Software Solutions and Related Applications Designed for Implementation in the Restaurant Industry Work (Part III)

How Chef Ramsey’s Reality TV Show “Hell’s Kitchen” could Advance the Global Dissemination among Multiple Industries of ERP Technical knowledge and of Industry- Specific and Industry- Compatible ERP Manufacturing Software Solutions, by Introducing Related Demonstrations of the ERP technology at Work During the Show/ Some of the Primary Reasons why Small or Medium Sized Businesses may Want to Enter into Participation with the ERP/ Information/ Internet Technology Global Associative Industrial Cluster

Continuing from the end of the last part of this article, there are many positive advantages that exposure of ERP manufacturing software technology through TV advertising, and especially through the previously discussed Reality TV Show “Chef Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen”, would bring to multiple businesses from a wide spectrum of various industrial sectors.

Firstly, it would demonstrate yet another example of the innumerable and ever-growing reciprocal relations which are formed within the continuously expanding global industrial cluster of ERP and Information/ Internet technology interests, and which unites multiple business sectors from the most varied industries the world over through the implementation of ERP manufacturing software technology and the partial – or fully global – deployment of their individual compatible industry-specific ERP solutions.

In fact, such a networking system represents a continuum of multiple interlocking interests through which parties come in and out of at will, participating either in the short or the long run, and depending on many factors such as whether this is in regards to a business that is “in the game” only for as long as it takes for it to gain the necessary technical training and technological expertise into ERP/IT implementation, to be provided to its employees - and that then intends to go on its own and venture into the “Seas of high- finance” with the knowledge it has acquired; or whether it is a company that intends to remain in the cluster until they find a solution to a specific single - rather than multiple – and either simple or complex individual need.

Other examples include consulting firms or private professionals that render their services at a limited time for instructing their client's customers on how to operate an ERP manufacturing software they have purchased; or if we are dealing with a small or innovative business that intends to remain in a long-standing relationship with ERP/ IT/ Info technology vendors and providers of ERP manufacturing software applications for the long term, in order to attract new customer audiences as their technological skill level and know-how into ERP technology improves with the aid of the partnerships formed within the associated cluster (especially by attaching business relations with bigger players and competitors in the conjoined ERP/IT  affiliated industrial clusters).

Ultimately all this is done with the objective of increasing their level of technological expertise and level of integration of innovative features to introduce into their ERP manufacturing software solution – thanks also to the aid provided by affiliating or partnering with big mergers; a strategy which is bound to significantly accelerate their level of technological innovation, market growth, and the visibility of these smaller players who seek access to the mutual benefits gained by the transformation that ERP technology - and ERP manufacturing software applications specifically – effect along the chain of multiple IT/ ERP industrial interests


How Industry- Specific Compatible ERP Manufacturing Software Solutions and Related Applications Designed for Implementation in the Restaurant Industry Work (Part II)

ERP Manufacturing

ERP Manufacturing Software Solutions and Related Applications Designed for Implementation in the Restaurant Industry Work (Part II)

A Detailed Analysis of the Multi-Purpose Features of the Industry- Compatible ERP Manufacturing Software’s Main Interactive Visual Screen Interface Used in the Restaurant Business/ How Chef Ramsey’s reality TV Show “Hell’s Kitchen” Would Prove Extremely Useful for the Promotion of ERP Manufacturing Software Solutions Specifically Developed for Small-Scale Restaurant Businesses

Through the main visual interactive screen interface of industry- specific ERP manufacturing software adapted for the needs of a Restaurant business, the reservations can be made instantly and appear on the display screen in real-time, and are obviously updated up to the minute and as the reservations continue to be made throughout the evening. Naturally, many restaurants which employ these applications take good care to inform their customers through the restaurant’s website, or via e-mail updates or bulletins sent regularly, on the time at which they stop accepting reservations for the night.

For instance, it would be impossible for a restaurant to reserve a table (If it is done through the online reservation service) 15 minutes before the kitchen closes - simply because it would take longer for the customer reserving online to arrive at the restaurant within a reasonable amount of time before closing hour. Things, however, are different for immediate “walk-ins” – as customers who just show up at the door without reservation are termed in the industry - as long as there are tables still available and depending on whether the restaurant's policy allows for customers to come in as long as the kitchen is still open. In certain cases, if a person without reservations walks in even 10 minutes before the kitchen is expected to close, they may still serve them (always at the discretion of the management) but will consider them the last customer of the night, after which they would accept no more walk-ins.

Returning to the Chef Ramsey's Hell’s Kitchen Reality TV Show kitchen, it would do good for those restaurant businesses which he tries to help, if he were allowed by the network to also involve a demonstration of the multiple applications and solutions provided by industry-specific ERP manufacturing software solutions, and how their applications can bring enormous advantages to a small, medium or large sized restaurant.  Considering that the majority of the businesses on the show are small- scale restaurants, through these demonstrations, their owners/managers would then be able to research the most affordable ERP manufacturing software solution that best suits their limited expenses.

However, for obvious reasons such a practice would probably be considered subliminal advertising, especially if the host of the show were allowed to demonstrate to employees - in front of the camera - how to operate the visual screen interface features of a specific ERP manufacturing software product that is designed and developed by a renowned ERP vendor. On the other hand, if elements of subliminal (or even explicitly visible) advertising were allowed to be introduced into Chef Ramsay's reality TV show through the sponsorship of either important and large, or, preferably, small (for reasons which will be explained in following articles) to medium-sized vendors or providers of ERP manufacturing software solutions (or who sell related individual modules for integration) - this would also have many significant positive effects for multiple businesses across the most diverse industries.



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