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Made2Manage Software

15 October 2011

If you manage technology infrastructures for a multi-site firm in the pharmaceuticals, apparel, electronics, or process manufacturing areas, now may be excellent time to investigate the possibilities of a Made2Manage software ERP system. As your Made2Manage review will reveal, Made2Manage software systems are uniquely designed to meet the needs of smaller and midgrade firms with restrictive technology budgets that face the challenge of integrating and coordinating multiple shops, warehouses, and distribution centers. Made2Manage software can help you bring diverse functions together, automating and streamlining your processes throughout all stages of engineering, planning, production, storage and delivery.

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Made2Manage Software 

A comprehensive Made2Manage software system running on a fully integrated enterprise resource planning infrastructure can help mid-sized multi-site process and product manufacturing firms take great leaps forward in terms of productivity and shop floor efficiency. A thorough exploration of Made2Manage software should include product demonstrations and conversations with a Made2Manage software representative, who can help you gain an understanding of the complete portfolio of applications and can help you determine if an integrated Made2manage software system is an appropriate fit for you back office and shop floor operations.

This scalable, high performance ERP architecture includes modules for customer relationship management, supply chain management and a wide variety of other vital functionalities. Made2manage software is designed on all levels to improve visibility and give you the highest possible level of control over the coordination and tracking of your critical end to end processes. Made2Manage software also provides the comprehensive financial solutions that can help you individually track separate profit and loss centers, which is a feature that not all ERP integrated solutions offer. This feature can help raise profits and control costs for clients who need to plan and track materials and financials throughout diverse locations.

Made2Manage software is uniquely adapted to the mid-range multi-site manufacturing model, but the portfolio of applications offered by this system reflect some of the broader changes sweeping across the ERP market landscape today.

The earliest enterprise resource planning systems were implemented in the manufacturing sector during the late 1980s and early 1990s. These systems were designed to unify and streamline complex operations on shop floors and in distribution centers by bringing diverse software platforms together on the same standardized architecture.

These early systems were very popular among the large firms that could afford them, in spite of their flaws. Software integration allowed large manufacturing operations to take significant leaps forward in terms of productivity and efficiency, since they allowed multiple departments to share coordinated applications and access to databases that could be used to facilitate overlapping functions. But for many years they remained out of reach to smaller firms with more restrictive technology budgets.

This began to change soon after the arrival of the new millennium, when implementation demand at the high budget level began to cool. At that point, established providers began redirecting their attention downstream and customizing their products in an ongoing effort to appeal to smaller and midsized market clients. These small firms now also have access to additional cost cutting measures like offsite hosting solutions and software service providers.


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