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ERP Manufacturing Software Solutions and Related Applications Designed for Implementation in the Restaurant Industry Work (Part III)

07 August 2012

How Industry- Specific Compatible ERP Manufacturing Software Solutions and Related Applications Designed for Implementation in the Restaurant Industry Work (Part III)

ERP Manufacturing

ERP Manufacturing Software Solutions and Related Applications Designed for Implementation in the Restaurant Industry Work (Part III)

How Chef Ramsey’s Reality TV Show “Hell’s Kitchen” could Advance the Global Dissemination among Multiple Industries of ERP Technical knowledge and of Industry- Specific and Industry- Compatible ERP Manufacturing Software Solutions, by Introducing Related Demonstrations of the ERP technology at Work During the Show/ Some of the Primary Reasons why Small or Medium Sized Businesses may Want to Enter into Participation with the ERP/ Information/ Internet Technology Global Associative Industrial Cluster

Continuing from the end of the last part of this article, there are many positive advantages that exposure of ERP manufacturing software technology through TV advertising, and especially through the previously discussed Reality TV Show “Chef Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen”, would bring to multiple businesses from a wide spectrum of various industrial sectors.

Firstly, it would demonstrate yet another example of the innumerable and ever-growing reciprocal relations which are formed within the continuously expanding global industrial cluster of ERP and Information/ Internet technology interests, and which unites multiple business sectors from the most varied industries the world over through the implementation of ERP manufacturing software technology and the partial – or fully global – deployment of their individual compatible industry-specific ERP solutions.

In fact, such a networking system represents a continuum of multiple interlocking interests through which parties come in and out of at will, participating either in the short or the long run, and depending on many factors such as whether this is in regards to a business that is “in the game” only for as long as it takes for it to gain the necessary technical training and technological expertise into ERP/IT implementation, to be provided to its employees - and that then intends to go on its own and venture into the “Seas of high- finance” with the knowledge it has acquired; or whether it is a company that intends to remain in the cluster until they find a solution to a specific single - rather than multiple – and either simple or complex individual need.

Other examples include consulting firms or private professionals that render their services at a limited time for instructing their client's customers on how to operate an ERP manufacturing software they have purchased; or if we are dealing with a small or innovative business that intends to remain in a long-standing relationship with ERP/ IT/ Info technology vendors and providers of ERP manufacturing software applications for the long term, in order to attract new customer audiences as their technological skill level and know-how into ERP technology improves with the aid of the partnerships formed within the associated cluster (especially by attaching business relations with bigger players and competitors in the conjoined ERP/IT  affiliated industrial clusters).

Ultimately all this is done with the objective of increasing their level of technological expertise and level of integration of innovative features to introduce into their ERP manufacturing software solution – thanks also to the aid provided by affiliating or partnering with big mergers; a strategy which is bound to significantly accelerate their level of technological innovation, market growth, and the visibility of these smaller players who seek access to the mutual benefits gained by the transformation that ERP technology - and ERP manufacturing software applications specifically – effect along the chain of multiple IT/ ERP industrial interests



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