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ERP Reviews: Is there a best ERP? Part 2

04 October 2012

Reviews are most often compartmentalized by the products offered by each ERP vendor as their software applies to: the size of the purchasing company (small, medium, large, global); the products or services offered by the purchasing company (manufacturing, retail, food, non-profit, legal firms, etc); the ease of installation (from time of delivery to launch date); the initial, and later ongoing, training and support offered throughout the life of the ERP software; and, the location of the purchasing company[ies]: small town, city, national, foreign country.

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ERP Reviews: Is there a best ERP? Part 2

The other prominent indicator used to review ERP software is cost. While, the purchase price of a system will obviously vary based on the size of the business and the applications being bought, it is possible to gather a range of cost comparing the similar systems of one ERP vendor to another.

When reading independent reviews of ERP software systems, it is important to note that these reviews are truly general submissions. Companies that hope to finalize specific recommendations from a review firm should also use the following performance criteria: ability to match end goals of the customer; cost; ease of implementation; simplicity of use; and the proviso of continuing support. Therefore, to put this criteria into perspective, a business has to first ascertain its needs, as well as articulate not only the reasons for buying ERP software, but also the goals the ERP is projected to help the company reach. To this end, a few of the steps that businesses have found to be helpful are: the selection of an internal team that understands and can positively communicate the internal working of the business as well as identify and assess the business’ requirements and goals then look into the problems and limitations of the current system. The final step for this internal team should be to identify the business’ exact needs regarding implementation, functions, and support.

All of the above being said, there are three large software vendors whose names are always part of the conversation when considering ‘best ERP’. These three are: Microsoft, Oracle, and Epicor.

Microsoft located research and development facilities in Redmond, Washington with smaller facilities located in Mountain View, California; Fargo, North Dakota; Beijing, China, and Dublin, it prides itself in being a key ERP solution provider for growing companies.  The vendor is aware that the fundamental success factors in this competitive global marketplace are: produce the right products—in the right quantities, at the right time, with good quality, and at a price the customer is willing to pay.





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